What Happens When People Try Secret Starbucks Drinks

Do you love Starbucks? Well, the real test is if you will love these secret drinks, which some hearty souls tested for you.

Apr 30, 2017

Ah, secret menus. These days, almost every chain – be it burgers or beverages – will have one. But some are harder to discover than others, especially if you’re not in the know, which could be the case with some of these secret Starbucks drinks.

People try secret Starbucks drinks

So, just what kinds of beverages are available from this secret menu? Even though according to some, the Unicorn Frappuccino should be a secret, there are actually a lot of simple combinations to try, as well as the not-so-simple.

If you think it’s just going to be Frappuccino-blended-green tea peppermint, you’re not too far off. Still, you should continue reading and watching, as there will be something for you.

First up is Peppermint Lemonade. It is described by one of the guinea pigs as something that would be “invented by someone who drinks orange juice while brushing their teeth”, you could say it’s not for everyone. But, obviously, some people do like it.

Then there is the Cap’n Crunch Frappuccino, which is a Strawberries and Cream Frap with toffee nut syrup and java nuts. Now, does it actually taste like Cap’n Crunch? You’ll have to watch and learn. Although, the question asked in the video is if it’s a drunk person’s drink or a high person’s drink…

It seems that one of the more popular combinations on the secret menu is the Mint Chocolate Chip Frap, which consists of, uh, quite a lot – almost too much to list. In fact, it has almost three times the ingredients as the aforementioned drinks, which is why how it came to be would almost be a story in itself!

Are you brave enough to ask your barista for any of these drinks?

Apr 30, 2017