Strain Of The Day: Shiva Skunk

When it’s time to take a deep, inward look into your own consciousness, Shiva Skunk can lend a hand. This awesome strain is one to put on your bucket list.

Oct 5, 2016

Named after the Hindu deity Shiva, Shiva Skunk is one heavy, meditative indica. Bordering on psychedelic, pick up this indica when you’re in the mood for something slow, euphoric, and filled with contemplation. As one of the most potent strains in the Skunk family, be prepared to fully invest in a cannabis experience. 

Strain details

Shiva Skunk 1 Cannabis Infused Roasted Red Potatoes Will Rock Your Dinner Table
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Shiva Skunk is a cross between Northern Lights # 5 and Skunk #1. Northern Lights is an indica hybrid that provides a blissfully sedative high with plenty of full-body relaxation. Skunk #1 is a famous high-energy hybrid with a reputation for promoting creativity.

The combination of the two resulted in a body-melting strain with plenty of thought-provoking mental awareness. The THC content in Shiva Skunk can vary a bit, it typically runs between 15 and 20%. New consumers may enjoy the unique headspace found in lower THC flower.

This interesting strain has a skunky aroma with undertones of sweet wood. The sweetness in this strain can be almost berry-like at times, and some may also detect a little bit of citrus. Overall, even the aroma of this strain is calming and delicious.

While this strain is available on the West Coast of the US, Shiva Skunk is most popular in Europe.

The Shiva Skunk experience

Shiva Skunk 2 Cannabis Infused Roasted Red Potatoes Will Rock Your Dinner Table
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Though Shiva Skunk has medical value (we’ll get to that in a minute), this is a great recreational strain. It’s not one you’ll want to take to a club unless you prefer to be slow-moving.

However, it cultivates a very distinct mind and body experience. Shiva Skunk can be creative and enlightening, allowing you to sink into a meditative space.

Great for yoga or gentle stretching, the indica body relaxation is likely to make you feel limber and peaceful. Yet, the combination of the physical and euphoric effects can border on psychedelic, especially if you find a high-THC flower. Save this strain for a time when you really want to sink in and experience a high.

Shiva Skunk can also be quite silly. You’re likely to find yourself in a giggle fit and ready to have a jolly-good time. This strain is considered one of the most powerful of the Skunk strains, so be ready for an interesting cannabis adventure.

Why do people use Shiva Skunk?

Shiva Skunk 3 Cannabis Infused Roasted Red Potatoes Will Rock Your Dinner Table
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Shiva Skunk is an excellent conduit for mental exploration. Yet, its powerful heavy-body high is also great for pain and muscle tension.

The relaxed, heady high also makes this strain a good choice for those with anxiety and depression. If you really need to see things from a different perspective, Shiva Skunk can help facilitate the process.

As an indica-dominant hybrid, Shiva Skunk is also great for sleep. As the high continues, you may find that your eyes start to grow heavy and you’re ready for a nice long nap.

The sedative qualities of this strain make it best to use during the evening or before bed. Otherwise, make sure you don’t have a whole lot to do before you break out the Shiva.

Many patients also like this strain for headaches. It may help physically dull the pain as well as keep you from focusing too intensely on the discomfort.

All in all, Shiva Skunk is a good strain to put on your bucket list.

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Oct 5, 2016