Silver Haze: The Perfect Daytime Stress Buster For A Cerebral Adventure

Happy and upbeat, Silver Haze has a creative and euphoric vibe that can help you kiss worries and stresses goodbye and leave you blissed out.

Aug 10, 2017

Silver Haze is the parent strain for many of today’s most popular sativa hybrids. Happy and upbeat, this flower has a creative and euphoric vibe that can help you kiss worries and stresses goodbye. A popular choice among those seeking daytime stress relief, Silver Haze is considered focused and energetic. Grab this flower when you’re looking for a cerebral adventure.

Strain details

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Silver Haze is a loveable sativa that has been around for a few decades. Proud parent of Super Silver Haze, this strain was first introduced to the world by the legendary breeders at Sensi Seeds.

A cross between Haze and Northern Lights, Silver Haze is technically a sativa-dominant hybrid. Though, don’t expect much sedation from this bud. Silver Haze is all energy.

While this strain has been popular for some time now, it can produce a surprising amount of THC. Levels of the psychoactive often run between 14 and 17 percent,  yet this strain has been known to reach up to 24 percent THC. Samples with 15 percent and below are recommended for novice consumers. Should you find a flower with over 20 percent THC, sticking to low doses is advisable.

The aroma features a unique blend of pungency, sweetness, and wood. It’s not uncommon for consumers to describe the aroma as pine-like or earthy. While a pungent scent provides some sharpness to the taste and fragrance, the base of this strain is warm with a robust quality. More sweetness tends to come through in the taste.

The Silver Haze experience

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Like many strains classified as sativa, Silver Haze tends to produce a more energetic, cerebral high. In fact, some may go as far as to call this flower a little psychedelic. While sedative Kush varieties tend to dominate today’s cannabis scene, the strain offers a refreshing zippiness that can help you kickstart your day and get to work.

Focused and stimulating, this flower is a great choice for a wake n’ bake. The overall experience is quite euphoric, so don’t be surprised if you find yourself laughing and more lighthearted than normal.

The one major downside to this bud is that its cerebral effects can easily lead to paranoia and anxiety in high doses. While not everyone develops cannabis-induced anxiety, this strain may be particularly aggravating to the condition. However, if you keep doses moderate and don’t overdo it, you’ll probably have a jolly good time.

Why do people use Silver Haze?

Silver Haze The 2 8 Pot Products All 90s Babies Need In Their Lives
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Recreationally, Silver Haze is a great flower to take with you for a night on the town. If you plan on hitting up dance clubs, Silver Haze would make for an excellent substitute for alcohol. Silver Haze is also a nice choice for both creative and athletic types.

Grab a gram of this flower when you’re about to dive into an art project or hope to get into a solid flow while running.

Medical cannabis consumers often pick up this happy bud for relief from mental health ailments like depression and chronic stress. Those who need some help concentrating might also find a friend in Silver Haze.

This flower is also popular among those seeking relief from chronic fatigue, mild to moderate aches and pains, as well as headaches. In addition, it has been suggested that this flower is popular for muscle spasms.

Aug 10, 2017