This Multi-Hitter Pipe Will Change How You Smoke Cannabis Forever

It’s a dilemma. You love smoking, but it’s not the healthiest habit in the world. What do you do? The makers of SilverStick have the perfect solution.

Feb 4, 2017

Are you tired of inhaling burning tar and embers every time you spark up a little cannabis? Whether you’re consuming at home or on the go, it’s always nice to have an easy, trusted device close at hand. Now, one US company wants to help you get the healthiest, most comfortable smoking experience possible. Here’s why SilverStick will change the way you smoke cannabis forever.

What is SilverStick?

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If you’re searching for the perfect simple, discrete, and clean smoking device, SilverStick is your tool. The SilverStick is a multi-hitter pipe that comes with replaceable cotton filters. Using it is easy: simply screw off the top, plop in a filter, screw the top back on, and you’re good to go.

Designed with high-quality aircraft grade alloy, SilverStick can take the heat and won’t break if you carry it around in your pocket or purse. All materials are made in the United States, reducing the environmental impact of making and shipping the materials throughout the country.

Featuring a sleek and sophisticated construction, the SilverStick was made to provide a cleaner, healthier, and more comfortable cannabis experience overall. The cotton filter is biodegradable and made with all natural, unbleached, and chlorine-free materials.

These filters prevent tar and burning embers from ending up in your lungs, cutting back some of the negative impacts of smoking.

The SilverStick experience

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The SilverStick multi-hitter pipe is a simple yet impressive device. Those that have never smoked cannabis with a cotton filter are missing out. The filter takes a surprising amount of harshness out of the smoking experience. No tickles in the back of the throat or burning sensation on the inhale with this one.

Rather, SilverStick produces an extremely nice pull, creating a thick and creamy smoke without irritation. For full flavor effects, using some hemp wick over a standard lighter is ideal. However, this tiny tool provides a robust cannabis experience with very little fuss and maintenance.

While many die-hard cannabis lovers love lighting up a joint or pulling out a travel pipe, this is an excellent alternative to the standard smoking devices. For many, vaporization just doesn’t create the full experience that smoking does. However, everyone knows that smoking is not the healthiest habit in the world.

The SilverStick seems like a happy medium. It’s an affordable trinket that is easy to clean, produces a mouthful of thick, tasty smoke, and produces a nice flavor. Meanwhile, the filter creates an extra buffer between the burning plant material and the tender tissue of your throat.

As a bonus, it is oddly satisfying to see all of the gunk you would have otherwise inhaled caught in the filter. Sort of like seeing all of the stuff in a vacuum cleaner after tidying up. It’s refreshing to see firsthand what you could have just taken right into your lungs.

In fact, SilverStick makes other cannabis consumption methods look downright unhealthy. The change in coloration in the filter is really quite surprising. After just a couple of uses, the SilverStick filter began to turn a deep shade of brown. Gross, yet fascinating.

All in all, this is a convenient and practical device that provides a perfect solution to one of the most common cannabis problems of all: inhaling too many hot plant particles. This is something any cannabis consumer would be thrilled to have in their arsenal.

How to buy a SilverStick

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There are a couple of options for purchasing a SilverStick. The best value is the Leather Kit, which includes a pipe, reusable filters, a stainless-steel poker,  and an airtight container for your herb. All of these goodies are packaged in a Horween Leather pouch, which was handcrafted in the USA as well.

The cost of the Leather Kit begins at $75. The SilverStick by itself begins at $25.

Customers can choose between SilverStick kits and other smoking accessories on the company’s site,

Feb 4, 2017