Skunk #1: This Famous Hybrid Started Modern Cannabis

Cannabis lovers have grown up with Skunk #1. Here’s why this strain is one of the most important of the contemporary buds.

Jul 8, 2017

Skunk #1 is one of the earliest established commercial cannabis strains. Since its debut in the 1970s, Skunk #1 has gone on to parent many of today’s popular hybrids, including Lemon Skunk, Shiva Skunk, and UK Cheese. Over the decades, there have been many renditions of Skunk #1. The effects of the strain vary depending on the phenotype and unique genetic lineage of each individual plants. Here’s the scoop on this famous and easygoing hybrid.

Strain details

Sacajawea no. 15 at the end of flower. Contributed to the stable in seed form by @sunycheba and fully pollinated by #DjShort's F4 Blueberry making #StrawberryRecess. 🌱🌱The Strawberry Recess will be released by the end of this month at select locations. Stay tuned for updates and details. 😤😤 The Sacajawea no. 15 reeks of sweet earthen yeasty skunk funk berries and cheesy mellon and taste like earthen musk skunk-berry hash while her effect is sedative, narcotic and euphoric. #growyourown #closetmeds #dropseedsnotbombs #cannabis #maryjane #sativa #indica #cannabiscommunity #highlife #highsociety #nugshot #budporn #weedporn #JdShort #secondgenerationgenetics #hightimes #theartofmaryjane #weedworldmagazine #cannabisculture #oregonrooted #dopemagazine #pnwstoners #stonernation #stonersociety #BlueMagoo #WilliamsWonder #Skunk1 #DjShortBlueberry

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Some of the most common varieties of Skunk #1, such as the Sensi Seeds version, lean indica dominant. Though, Skunk #1 has a good mix of indica and sativa lineage. Afghani, Aculpulco Gold, and Colombian Gold are thought to have parented this strain.

However, many report that Skunk #1 is also a 50/50 hybrid with upbeat and perhaps slightly energizing effects. At this point, the Skunk line has changed significantly over four decades of hybridization. Still, this hybrid is often one of the most recognized strains on the shelf.

Boasting up to 19 percent THC, this is considered a potent cannabis strain. While this flower may not reach the 30 percent THC levels found in some new cultivars like Chiquita Banana, Skunk #1 can certainly provide a powerful cannabis experience. In higher doses, this strain can cause dizziness and paranoia. Yet, experienced cannabis consumers may find that it provides a happy, relaxed, and upbeat kind of high.

In terms of aroma, this strain’s fragrance is easy to guess. Skunk #1 earned the name for a reason. This flower releases an intoxicating and pleasantly Skunk-like aroma. Pungent, acidic, with a deep earthy base, this is a stain that makes an impression. When cooking with Skunk #1, expect this strain to have a sour quality.

The Skunk #1 experience

Skunk 1 The 1 Bongs VS Pipes: Which Is The Best Option For New Smokers?
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Get ready to chill out. Skunk #1 can be powerful and perhaps a little hazy at times, but overall consumers report that this flower creates a happy and upbeat kind of vibe that seems perfect for just about any occasion.

If you’re hoping to catch a quick nap, this mellow herb can help you drift off. If you’re ready to be out and about with friends, the strain is silly and upbeat, livening daytime activities.

Many find that the strain offers a grounded and heavy-bodied sensation. Yet, this physical relief is accompanied by a joyous and dreamy cerebral experience. Many find that this flower can improve focus and concentration, inspiring creativity while promoting a positive and mellow sense of well-being.

Having some snacks handy may be helpful after a little Skunk #1. So would keeping around some hard candies or a glass of water. This strain can cause some dry mouth, so bringing a water bottle along when out on the town with this bud is recommended. While a delightful daytime strain, this flower may be a little too low-key for a morning session.

Why do people use Skunk #1

Skunk 1 The hero Bongs VS Pipes: Which Is The Best Option For New Smokers?
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Looking for a great strain to share? Skunk #1 makes for a crowd-pleasing bud. Relaxed, happy, upbeat, and euphoric, this is the perfect flower for a party or social gathering of any kind. A cheerful hybrid, it can be thought of as a daytime or afternoon strain. This flower would make a great choice to take with while walking the dog or enjoying a bright and sunny day.

Medical cannabis patients often pick up the strain for a variety of ailments, the most common of which chronic stress. Pain, nausea, and lack of appetite are also reasons why people love it.

While considered a daytime strain, a little of this flower can make it easier to fall asleep. Yet, those seeking relief from chronic fatigue often enjoy the mental clarity and stimulation that Skunk #1 is said to provide.

Jul 8, 2017