You’ve Heard The Music, Now Discover The Best Ways To Smoke Like A Marley

Look like a legend, smoke like a legend.

May 25, 2018

The kindest and most spirited soul ever to walk the earth was no one other than the reggae legend Bob Marley. While Bob shared many passions, his love for the great outdoors was the most obvious. Bob always showed great appreciation for the natural world, and he dedicated his whole life to protecting every lifeform. Bob is now resting peacefully high in the sky, probably with a joint in hand. But his legacy still lives on almost 37 years later not only with the help of his fans but also the remaining Marley family. This ethos is what led to the creation of the company that wants to help you smoke like a Marley.

From the healing powers of his music to his profound admiration of cannabis, Bob Marley has been, is, and always will be an inspiration. Today, the Marley name as a whole is no less highly respected worldwide as it was when Bob was alive, especially amongst ganja enthusiasts, who too share the same passion for the herb as their role model. But Bob isn’t the only Marley that believes in the positive potential of cannabis. You have his son Damian, who transformed a California prison into a weed farm, and you also have his son Ziggy, who regularly campaigns for the regulation of the cannabis farming industry to ensure himself and fellow herb lovers smoke only the most organic flower. Plus there’s Julian, Cedella, and the rest of the Marley clan.

In 2014, the Marley family, along with private equity firm Privateer Holdings, took the legendary Marley name and turned it into an entire brand, Marley Natural. If you’ve been longing to learn the two best ways to smoke like a Marley, then just know it doesn’t get anymore Marley than these two collections of smoking accessories from the official cannabis brand of Bob Marley. Environmentally-friendly, yet stylish and functional at the same time, the Marley Natural brand is a direct reflection of the Marley ethos.

Here Are The Two Best Ways To Smoke Like A Marley

1. The Marley Natural Black Walnut Collection

The first and one of the two best ways to smoke like a Marley for a reasonable price is the Black Walnut Collection. Featuring sustainably-grown American Black Wood, along with heat-resistant borosilicate glass, the Black Walnut Collection offers a simple, yet elegant smoking experience with a Jamaican flare. Pieces of this collection of smoking accessories include a water pipe, bubbler, spoon pipe, small taster, and a large steamroller. But no matter which device you choose to hit, the Black Walnut Collection delivers smooth, comfortable draws from durable and convenient bodies.

2. The Marley Natural Smoked Glass Collection

Next out of the two best ways to smoke like a Marley is the Smoked Glass Collection. Designed to be more affordable than the Black Walnut Collection, the Smoked Glass Collection will enhance your smoke routine at a lower cost. Featuring tinted borosilicate glass, a golden stripe, and a hidden Marley Lion, this line of smoking accessories by Marley Natural offers a clean design with a modern twist. Pieces of the Smoked Glass Collection include a spoon pipe, taster, steamroller, bubbler, and water pipe, just like the Black Walnut Collection. Whether you’re at home jammin’ to Exodus or outside soaking up the beauty of nature, the Smoked Glass Collection is there to serve strong, yet smooth hits regardless of the occasion. It’s the perfect way to smoke like a Marley while looking like a total legend.

May 25, 2018