11 Incredible Photos Of People Smoking Weed In Amazing Places

These photos of people smoking weed in amazing environments will inspire you to hunt out a great spot to elevate yourself.

Jul 16, 2017

When it comes to Instagram, there are always plenty of great images to scroll through. But when it comes to smoking weed in the most amazing of locales, you can’t go past the Where You Smoke handle, which collates images from users – who are also smokers, obviously – through submissions via the website, or the #whereyousmoke hashtag.

1. Wolverine

Although it was Jeff Spicoli who said that all he needs is “Some tasty waves, cool buzz,” and he’s fine, there’s no doubt that this Wolverine agrees with him, too.

2. Winter is coming

Forget the “White Walkers,” as it’s all about the “Green Skiers,” right?

3. Green on green

Really, what could be better than this?

4. Elevated

Like, really elevated.

5. Let’s get high

By hiking and smoking, of course.

6. Nature’s best

It’s summer, so there’s no excuse!

7. Roll up

The pro tip is to get the photo taken and post it after you’ve smoked.

8. Smoking weed and livin’ the dream

There are way worse places to be, that’s for sure.

9. The view

What’s the perfect backdrop for such an image? That would be the mountains, the lake, and the trees – with the green being in the foreground, of course.

10. Fill your bowl at the crater

If this doesn’t inspire you to go find your perfect spot, well, nothing will.

11. Inspired by Wes Anderson

All it takes is a bit of imagination and slightly more weed.

Jul 16, 2017