The 5 best things to do with friends while smoking weed

With the right people and a decent amount of pot, the possibilities for shenanigans are endless.

Jan 24, 2018

Photo courtesy of nastassiartalejo/ via Flickr

There’s nothing wrong with smoking weed all by your lonesome. But if one thing is for sure, it’s that getting high with a bunch of your buddies makes for one hell of a fun time. What greater way to bond with your best buds than to pass around some excellent herb and spark up a conversation? Or even better, to hotbox your friend’s car and see who will tap out first? With the right people and a decent amount of pot, the possibilities for shenanigans are endless. From getting super baked and hitting up your local buffet to discovering new smoke spots while exploring nature, here are the 5 best things to do while smoking weed with friends.

1. Smoke and cruise


I’m not saying that it’s safe to dab and drive or anything. But as long as the driver isn’t baked out of his or her mind, hopping in a car, blasting some jams, and firing up a joint with your friends can be a fantastic cure for boredom. You never know where you might end up. Even if you’re only cruising around the block a few times, it’s still a great way to pass the time until you decide on something else to do. Not to mention, some of the best conversations take place inside of a smokey vehicle. Just watch out for the cops, of course. And make sure whoever is driving has their eyes on the road.

2. Watch a movie


Everyone knows that plopping down on the couch and watching a movie with your buddies while you’re stoned is always a blast. That’s because movies are ten times more enjoyable that way. Whether it be a documentary on dolphins or an animated film about a talking sausage seeking to discover the truth about his existence, you and your pals could watch anything (literally) and still be into it. And if you really want to kick things up a notch, there’s the option of heading to your local theatre to see a film in 3D. Now that’s an experience, especially after a decent smoke sesh.

3. Get high and hit up a buffet


If you’ve never thought of getting baked and then destroying anything and everything at Golden Corral, or any other all-you-can-eat joint, then you probably aren’t smoking enough. Stepping foot into a buffet is pure heaven when you’re high and have a mean case of the munchies. From pizza to mac & cheese to mashed potatoes, you and your buds will undoubtedly get your money’s worth. And once the damage has been done, you can smoke again afterward and laugh at the fact that no one said a word to each other the entire time as everyone was too busy grubbing.

4. Explore nature and discover new smoke spots

kootsmoke Snoop Dogg takes us to church with a weed infused Gospel album
Photo by @somewhereupnorth /via Instagram

Sparking up a high-quality Sativa and going on an outdoor adventure with your friends is the perfect activity no matter what day it is. When you’re used to smoking indoors, it’s nice to change things up every now and again. Not only do you get to enjoy the fresh air and all the beautiful scenery, but you also get to find new places to smoke. It’s even better when you’re lucky enough to discover a spot that no one else knows about except you and your pals. That way, you all can always go back to it and not have to worry about anyone bothering you.

5. Play video games

giphy Snoop Dogg takes us to church with a weed infused Gospel album


Sober or not, video games are entertaining. But when you play them with your friends and add some weed to the mix, then you’re destined to have an even better time. Not to mention, there are loads of different games to choose from, like Lego Jurassic World, Mario Kart 8, and Call of Duty.

Aside from playing games designed for consoles like Xbox and PS4, there’s also VR (Virtual Reality). Messing around with VR when you’re high offers an experience that’s unlike anything you’ll ever get from a console. It’s as if you’re actually inside the video game. If you’re feeling really brave, you and your friends can take turns playing something scary. Just beware of all the jump scares.

Jan 24, 2018