Strain Of The Day: Sour Diesel

Starting your day with Sour Diesel is like taking a sip of a hot, relaxing cup of coffee. Pick up this strain when you need some calm stimulation.

Oct 12, 2016

Sour Diesel is one of the most popular sativas around. Though this strain has mysterious origins, dispensaries and coffee shops both tend to carry this lively flower. The stinky, fuel-like aroma may seem offputting to some, but it’s actually quite pleasant. The invigorating scent nicely compliments a relaxing yet energizing high. 

Strain details

Sour Diesel 1 African Americans At Greatest Risk For Cannabis Arrests
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Sour Diesel is an extremely popular sativa with ambiguous origins. A good guess is that it’s a cross between Chemdawg, Northern Lights, and Skunk No. 1. Yet, some say that Diesel or DNL (Diesel X Northern Lights) is in the mix as well.

This flower’s name couldn’t be more appropriate. Sour Diesel’s aroma is exactly like fuel with a bit of a skunky, lemon kick. If you were to unknowingly sniff a variety of strains in a lineup, the Sour Diesel odor would be obvious and striking.

Depending on the quality of your bud, the taste can little blander than expected, considering how powerful the scent can be.

The THC content of Sour D. is pretty darn high. At times, this strain can reach up to 25% THC. If you’re picking up in a dispensary, you’re more likely to see Sour Diesel hover in the 21-22% range. The buds tend to be light green and fluffy, with plenty of burnt orange hairs.

The Sour Diesel experience

Sour Diesel 2 African Americans At Greatest Risk For Cannabis Arrests
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Sour Diesel may be stinky, but it’s popular for a reason. This is an energizing sativa with plenty of spunk. About 90% sativa, you can count on Sour D. as a stand in for a morning cup of coffee. It’s uplifting, creative, and produces an all around strong high that won’t trip you up.

The small amount of indica lineage may help mellow out an otherwise intense sativa experience. Overall, the effects of this strain are felt strongly in the head and face. Shortly after smoking or vaping, you may notice a familiar tingling in your sinuses and the front part of your head.

As the high continues, it’s not uncommon to need to move or feel motivated to get things done. It tends to be quick and focused, so if you need help meeting a deadline or want some help relaxing while you run errands, this Sour D. is a great choice. As a precaution, the higher the dose, the more likely you are to feel a bit racy.

Why do people use Sour Diesel?

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Sour Diesel is a stress-buster. If you need to be alert and awake, but want to stay calm and relaxed at the same time, this is an excellent choice. Sour Diesel adds a pleasant and contented energy to everything that you do.

Recreational consumers hoping to stay out late will appreciate the stimulating quality of this strain. Save household chores for when you’ve got some Sour D. handy. Same with creative projects, or things that require a bit of focused attention.

Medical consumers appreciate Sour Diesel for conditions like ADD/ADHD and depression. Those with inflammatory conditions reportedly respond well to this strain.

As does anyone needing fast relief from a headache, migraine, or head tension.

Oct 12, 2016