The 7 best St. Patrick’s Day weed strains

Get your green on.

Mar 15, 2018
The 7 Best St. Patrick's Day Weed Strains For Getting Your Green On

Everyone has their own way of celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. For some, March 17th is dedicated strictly to guzzling down green beer and pinching those who are caught wearing any color but green. For cannabis connoisseurs, it’s yet another excuse to get high on their favorite herb, which just so happens to come in all shades of green. We can’t promise that smoking weed will bring you luck or keep the leprechauns at bay on St. Patrick’s Day. But if you so choose to get your green on with these 7 St. Patrick’s Day-friendly weed strains, they’ll surely get you in the holiday spirit and have you feeling all sorts of high-rish.

1. Lucky Charms

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The strain Lucky Charms is not to be confused with the cereal, although it is magically delicious. This hybrid, which often contains as much as 22% THC, is known for producing an uplifting yet calming high. After a few puffs of Lucky Charms, you’ll have more than enough energy to bounce from bar to bar for your green beverages. Smoke too much Lucky Charms, however, and it might have you feeling a little too relaxed. In that case, just have a seat, relish all its smooth and fruity flavors, and let Lucky Charms bring the party to you.

2. Green Crack

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Green Crack, also known as “Cush” or “Green Cush,” is yet another uplifting strain that’ll have you screaming “top o’ the morning to you” this St. Patrick’s Day with its generous THC content, which typically ranges anywhere from 15 to 21%. Green Crack is the perfect wake and bake Sativa strain to jumpstart your holiday festivities as it provides just as much energy as your morning cup of coffee. And with its irresistible flavors of lemon and citrus, Green Crack is so tasty that you won’t want to put it down until it’s finally time to rest your wee high eyes.

3. Pot Of Gold

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Pot Of Gold is a hard-hitting indica that’s just what you need to crash after a long day of parading the streets of Dublin, or wherever you choose to honor St. Patrick this year. Featuring up to 27% THC, Pot Of Gold is not the type of strain you want to smoke during the day, although it will put you in the mood for lots of corned beef and cabbage thanks to its munchie-inducing effects. For connoisseurs that enjoy skunky yet sweet aromas of herb, Pot Of Gold offers both in one scrumptious bud. Its intoxicating taste and smell alone will put you into a deep, peaceful slumber, leaving you feeling refreshed and revitalized the next day.

4. Emerald OG

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When you’re one Celtic song and glass of whiskey away from overdosing on St. Patrick’s Day fun, let the ever so potent indica strain Emerald OG and its woody, citrusy flavors end the celebration on a good note. Aside from relieving headaches, pain, and nausea, Emerald OG, offering anywhere from 17 to 19% THC, is the ultimate relaxer and will have you sleeping better than an Irishman after a bottle of Jameson.

5. Green Goblin

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The Irish are garrulous by nature, but you don’t have to be Irish to get to their level. Green Goblin is a happy-go-lucky sativa that will get all you natural introverts out there ready to party. In addition to promoting a lively buzz, Green Goblin, with a THC level as high as 24%, is known for relieving stress and depression. Smoke on some sweet, piney-tasting Green Goblin, and you’ll be conversating away with anyone and everyone.

6. Irish Cream

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Just like the Irish cream that compliments your favorite whiskey or coffee, the indica strain Irish Cream is sweet, smooth, and relaxing. Irish Cream is one of the most potent strains in the entire world. With a THC content of up to 27.1%, Irish Cream will get you mega-toasted for a lit St. Patrick’s Day.

7. Green Queen

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If you’re looking for a strain to deliver a cerebral high along with a slight body buzz that’s not too intense, look no further than Green Queen. Green Queen is an indica-dominant hybrid that contains a combination of sweet, pungent, and grapefruit flavors with roughly 17 to 19% THC. Green Queen won’t just provide you with all the energy needed to make it through a busy St. Patrick’s Day, but it will also chill you out at night after you’ve come crawling in from the pub.

Mar 15, 2018