Are ‘Stoner’ Stereotypes Disappearing?

Forget about the lazy pothead smoking a “fatty” in his parent’s basement. The modern weed smoker has evolved since then; these men and women are smart, creative and professionally driven.

Jan 26, 2016

At last, the days of stereotyping cannabis lovers are coming to an end. States are legalizing and decriminalising marijuana so that more folks can enjoy its wonderful and beneficial effects.

Stereotypes are becoming a thing of the past. People are now being given the chance to see for themselves that those who smoke are capable of much more than keeping the couch warm.

Today’s bud smokers are evolving from being stereotyped as lazy, incapable of success and a criminal. Sure, we may be hungrier than some, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get things done. As marijuana continues to be legalized and decriminalized in many states, people are starting to welcome cannabis with open arms and get rid of the stereotypes. All sorts of individuals now have a love for cannabis, from the local butcher to the best lawyer in their local state. People from all over have made smoking herb part of their daily routine. To the surprise of the closed-minded, these people are doing just fine.

Labels Are For Containers, Not People

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As marijuana becomes more socially acceptable, typical stereotypes are no longer being placed on everyone that enjoys a good high. We aren’t lazy, slobs, or incapable of completing day to day tasks. Some days we may over indulge on our favorite snack, but we still manage to make a difference. Top notch business and cannabis experts work hard to spread the good that marijuana does. You don’t have to be in the industry to spread the word, anyone with a passion for cannabis can help out.

We may have been shut down in the past, but today we are thriving individuals. We are taking a stand in what we believe in and to those who try to define us. Someday, in the near future, more people will open their minds to a cannabis friendly world filled with folks like you and I.

Let us now point out typical and false “stoner” stereotypes:

  • People who smoke weed are lazy 
  • We all wear peace signs and tie dye
  • Cannabis lovers are incapable of succeeding
  • All we do is eat and sleep
  • Our marijuana is purchased from sketchy criminals
  • We have the IQ of an ant, no offense to the ant
  • Our vocabulary consists of only short words

No Stereotypes Allowed

1 Am I Allowed To Take My Cannabis On An Airplane?
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As you’ve read, stereotypes that once existed are unbelievably silly and so false. A more accepting society is starting to view marijuana smokers as normal and functioning human beings. We are no longer viewed as couch potatoes or TV surfers, we are seen as individuals who want to make a difference. Many of us work and have hobbies, other than getting high.

The decriminalization and legalization of our beloved cannabis is bringing out the inner “stoner” in people all across the world. The marijuana industry continues to grow, thanks to the professionals who are in the business. They don’t get all the credit, people like you and I are just as capable of making a difference. We are living beyond what some have labeled us and helping to spread the good that Mary Jane does. Goodbye stereotypes, you are no longer welcome here!

Do you feel like “stoner” stereotypes are disappearing? Let us know on social media or in the comments section below. 

Jan 26, 2016