Strain Of The Day: Larry OG

Larry OG is perfect for OG Kush fans. This indica-dominant hybrid provides plenty of physical relaxation, with an interesting mental uplift to boot.

Oct 24, 2016

Larry OG is one of many OG Kush offspring. The aroma and effects strongly take after its heritage, but Larry OG also has a few unique characteristics of its own. Though heavy hitting, this hybrid is known for its happy and euphoric high. It’s a versatile mood lifter, with ample physical effects to boot. Here’s the scoop on Larry OG. 

Strain details

Larry OG 1 African Americans At Greatest Risk For Cannabis Arrests
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Larry OG is a hybrid cross between the famous OG Kush and another OG variety, San Fernando Valley OG Kush (SFV OG). Both

Both strains are potent indica-dominant hybrids. It’s safe to say that Larry OG has inherited the heavy-hitting effects of both of parents, though typically you can still manage to get things done with this strain.

In true OG form, Larry’s THC content runs high. It routinely reaches 20%, but some tests have reached as high as 24%. This means that Larry OG might strong for new consumers. The canna-experienced will likely find that this strain produces a potent, yet more mellow experience.

You can find Larry OG under the alternate name Lemon Larry. This hybrid has plenty of acidic, citrus flavors. It has also inherited the classic OG pine scent, with a lemon twist. The flavor can also be described as diesel-like. The smoke tends to be nice and heavy.

The smoke tends to be nice and heavy. Though, some find that this strain can be a bit harsh. You might find yourself coughing a little. Buds tend to be small and dense, with plenty of long orange hairs.

The Larry OG experience

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Get ready for a happy and uplifting experience. Though Larry OG comes from some heavy hitting parents, this strain tends to be lighter than other OG strains. Larry OG can provide one potent body high, but the mental experience is light, blissful, and euphoric.

It’s a surefire way to lift your mood and feel elevated. Yet, it’s physical experience is quite potent. It definitely provides that deep, body sedative effect of a classic indica. For this reason, it’s best to use Larry OG in the evening or late afternoon when you’re ready to wind down and relax.

Yet, you’ll likely still have some mental wherewithal, but the more you consume, the more sedative the strain will be. Many find that they can still focus with Larry OG, which is a nice bonus for an OG Kush hybrid. The alert yet relaxed mental experience of Larry OG really makes it stand apart from other strains.

Why do people use Larry OG?

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Larry OG is a great choice for anyone who already loves OG Kush and its offshoots. Recreationally, this is a good choice for just hanging out and enjoying an easygoing evening or weekend.

Unlike sativa strains, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll have big bursts of physical energy. But, if you’re a fan of nice slow walks or you’re hoping to grab a chill bite with some friends, this is a nice strain to try.

Medical consumers tend to use Larry for pain relief. Its body effects may also be helpful for easing the physical effects of stress. The overall feelings of happiness and euphoria can be beneficial for those with depression, as well as anyone who has just had an all around bad day.

The combination of the sedative and slightly focused effects tend to make this strain popular for those with anxiety. Patients experiencing headache, lack of appetite or insomnia also tend to rate this strain pretty high.

Oct 24, 2016