Strain Of The Day: Middlefork

Middlefork is sure to fill you with joy. A Washington recreational hybrid, this potent bud inspires plenty of mood-bosting creativity and physical ease.

Oct 27, 2016

Middlefork is the pride of Washington State. A gem of a hybrid, Middlefork produces dense, sage green buds with a wonderful lemon blueberry fragrance. The high is powerful, with THC often topping 27%. Even with less potent buds, the lively yet balanced indica/sativa experience is one of a kind. 

Strain details

Middlefork 1 To Put It Bluntly, You Need To Watch This New Women & Weed Show
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Middlefork was born and bred in Washington State. A cross between DJ Short’s Blueberry and Dutch Treat, this is one potent and tasty hybrid. Middlefork has inherited much of Blueberry’s fruity sweetness with ample lemon/citrus flavors with earthy undertones.

This strain earned its name because it was cultivated between two rivers in Snohomish County. Middlefork seems to handle the cool northern climate quite well, consistently producing 22% THC and above. In the highest tests, this balanced hybrid exceeded 27%.

This hybrid is all the rage in the Pacific Northwest. You can find Middlefork in both recreational throughout Washington, and it continues to gain in popularity. If you happen to travel through the region, you’ll definitely want to pick this one up.

The Middlefork experience

Middlefork 2 To Put It Bluntly, You Need To Watch This New Women & Weed Show
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There is some debate over whether or not Middlefork is an indica or sativa-dominant hybrid. The effects are quite unique, producing a strong mental and physical experience.

Many find that Middlefork will easily put them to sleep. But others are able to use this strain in the morning just fine.

Don’t doubt this flower’s strong psychoactive experience in high doses. A cerebral high that lifts you off into peaceful, giggly space is common. Many find themselves with a nice amount of mental energy. However, it’s more pleasant and happy than speedy.

The combination of the soaring, blissful high and the Blueberry-inspired heavy body sensation makes this for an all around comfortable and relaxing strain.

Middlefork may be silly and uplifting mentally, but it also eases away physical distress. The body high takes away some of the intensity from the spirited mental experience.

You’re not very likely to get couch lock from this strain, but you may find yourself joy filled and lost in creative thought.

In general, the combination produces a mellow and easygoing vibe. Though, to keep this strain light you’ll want to stick to moderate use. The more you consume, the more euphoric and spacey this strain will become.

Why do people use Middlefork?

Middlefork 3 To Put It Bluntly, You Need To Watch This New Women & Weed Show
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This strain is very popular in recreational shops. A great choice for the afternoon or into the evening, Middlefork is a strain for those looking to have a nice time. It’s perfect for passing around at a social gathering, as long as you don’t need to be too serious.

It’s also a solid choice for a slow hike or for some help relaxing after a long day. If you plan on working in the garden on the weekend, Middlefork will nicely color the experience. This isn’t the best pick for anything too strenuous, as you’ll likely get a bit tired and feel like sitting down.

Middlefork is primarily a recreational strain, but those with migraine, chronic stress, anxiety, and PSTD have rated this strain highly. Some even find it helpful for persistent pain and muscle spasms. This flower’s powerful hybrid effects give it a wide variety of uses.

Those who need potent mental and physical daytime relief may benefit from Middlefork.

Oct 27, 2016