SunRocks VS MoonRocks: Which Is The Strongest Strain?

SunRocks and MoonRocks may be the hottest new cannabis products right now. But, which one is more potent? Here’s the scoop on the strongest buds around.

Mar 24, 2017

MoonRocks have been all the rage over the past year. Kurupt’s Moonrock stole the show, consisting of a high-quality Girl Scout Cookies bud dipped in hash oil and coated with kief. The resulting creations look like small meteorites that crumble into moon dust when you break them up. Now, MoonRocks have been taken to the next level. But, when it comes to SunRocks vs. MoonRocks, which one is stronger?

SunRocks vs. MoonRocks

SunRocks are MoonRocks’ more potent cousins. At least, according to Snoop Dogg. In a recent interview with The Breakfast Club, Snoop admitted that SunRocks were too strong for him. He explains,

Once the growers started to think about the THC level was what induces the high, it would be like 15 percent THC, 20 percent at the most.

These fools with the MoonRock went to 60 percent THC. Sun Rocks went to 80 percent!

Due to their excellent flavor, powerful high, and overall potency, SunRocks have developed a buzz among cannabis consumers. Now, a couple of different producers are putting out a product called SunRocks and many more are attempting to make a version of their own.

Two big producers include California-based Big Tray Dee and Apollo Sun Rocks. Big Tray Dee’s SunRocks typically contain a top-shelf OG flower as a base, coated in a sticky layer of concentrate, and followed by a dusting of kief. SunRocks made from King Loui OG have tested with over 80 percent THC in the lab, making this infused flower extremely potent.

Apollo Sun Rocks are a little different. These buds are top shelf OG flowers infused with propane hash oil. Apollo’s goal was to create a solventless wax. The oil-dipped flowers are then coated in a layer of organic kief, creating a product similar to MoonRocks.

In laboratory tests, Apollo’s SunRocks have tested as high as 61 percent THC. This is similar to Kurup’s MoonRock.

An ounce of these glistening SunRock buds can sell for around $550.00, a single gram goes for $25 and up.

How to smoke SunRocks

Smoking SunRocks takes a little tenderness. These buds should not be placed in a grinder, as the device will butcher the concentrate and kief-laden buds. Instead, it’s recommended to pick SunRocks apart with your fingers. You can also use scissors to gently trim up some SunRocks bud before smoking.

For best results, SunRocks should be smoked in a pipe, bubbler, bong, or rolled into a blunt (check out the awesome Trailer Park Boys Bubbles bong). As Snoop Dogg suggests, a little SunRocks or MoonRocks goes a long way, and it’s recommended to keep it light with this stuff. He told The Breakfast Club,

If I do do it, I take it and I sprinkle into some regular weed. You can’t just do it by itself, it can’t just be MoonRock solo.

Though many experienced cannabis consumers these days are familiar with the rush of high THC dabs, SunRocks and MoonRocks provide a different experience. Taking a dab is similar to taking a quick shot, while SunRock is more like a Long Island Ice Tea.

A few puffs of SunRock or MoonRock, on the other hand, is like taking a dab, smoking bud, and topping it off with some powerful kief. All in all, that makes for one mind-bending and complete herbal experience.

Mar 24, 2017