Dear Taco Bell, Thank You For Bringing Nacho Fries To America

Taco Bell is bringing more deliciousness to their restaurants in 2017: loaded nacho fries. These just might be the perfect munchies food.

Dec 31, 2016

If you think Taco Bell can’t get any more delicious, think again. The fast-food joint is famous for their tacos, of course. However, they are bringing another delicacy to their restaurants in 2017, Nacho fries, which are going to be irresistible. Although they are currently going through testing in Southern California, soon they will be available all across the country.

Taco Bell is bringing nacho fries to America

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American’s love nacho cheese. Not only is it delicious, but it also pairs nicely with just about anything.

Although Taco Bell has kept fries off of their menus for awhile, that’s all about to change. During 2017, the fast-food chain will be rewarding Americans with loaded fries. Not only are they going to be amazing, but also affordable.

At the present time, the fries are going through testing in southern California. However, soon these cheese-covered fries are going to take over the entire country.

The fries are already popping up on Instagram and Twitter. In addition to nacho cheese, you can also add beef, tomatoes, and sour cream. Moreover, you can choose from additional add-ons like bacon, jalapeño peppers, and guacamole.

If you prefer fries with only habanero seasoning, you also have that option as well. If you’re looking to go crazy with the loaded goodness, it’s still cheap, costing anywhere from one to two bucks.

Will nacho fries be sticking around?

This isn’t the first time Taco Bell has provided fries. But will they be sticking around this time? According to Taco Bell spokeswoman Laura Nedbal, it’s basically up to the people as to whether or not they will stay,

We’ve tested fries in the US previously. We’re always looking for new items to test, so if we see a good fit for a particular region, we would never say never to testing them again.

Currently, there are Taco Bell locations all over the world that are already embracing fries. Japan, in particular, serves their fries with both cheddar and nacho cheese, beef, green onions, and sour cream.

As for Taco Bell Guatemala, they have an entire fry menu. Then, there’s the Latin American Taco Bell, which has “Papas Supreme.”

In addition to loaded fries, Chile Taco Bells also serves their fries inside of a burrito. However, the Taco Bells in Canada has more options, which include chili-cheese fries, cheesy fries, and fries supreme.

Will Americans fall in love with loaded fries like the rest of the world? Time will tell. Nevertheless, soon Americans will be able to try the deliciousness at least, even if they don’t stick around for long.

Dec 31, 2016