Taco Bell’s New $1 ‘Cheeto Burrito’: Shut Up And Take My Money


Could this new $1 Cheeto Burrito from Taco Bell be the best Mexican-style munchie in America (well, in Cincinnati only for now)?

Jul 30, 2016

With value on everyone’s mind these days, getting a decent lunch for a good price is getting more and more popular. Taco Bell is using this trend to launch a trial for a new product called the Cheeto Burrito. Being tested in the Cincinnati area, the burrito will feature seasoned meat, rice, cheese and of course, crunchy Cheetos. And the best part of the new Taco Bell product is that it should only set you back a dollar!

Is the Cheeto Burrito the perfect munchie on a budget?

The experimental burrito should hit the Cincinnati area’s Taco Bell’s sometime in mid-August this year. If quality control is maintained as a high priority, these burritos could become a big hit and expand across America following the trial period.

One worrisome concept about the new burritos will be the quality of the Cheetos that are used. Depending on how long the time period is from production to consumption, the texture and taste of the Cheetos will vary.

The easiest way for this burrito concept to fall on its face will be the sogginess factor. Cannabis has the power to influence how much food you order, and if it results in 5 soggy Cheeto-filled burritos, then you might think twice about going to another Taco Bell. Some people are different and won’t care about the sogginess, given that the burritos are only a dollar.

One piece of advice that holds true for most items on Taco Bell’s menu, is that the longer your meal sits in the bag, the colder, soggier and less flavourful it will be.

For most of you reading this that don’t live near Cincinnati, all you can do is hope that the locals really enjoy it. This should spark a nationwide rollout of the Cheeto Burrito so everyone can enjoy it.

What is your favourite Taco Bell munchie? Does the Cheeto Burrito sound like a future success for Taco Bell’s revenue? Join the discussion on social media or in the comments below!

Jul 30, 2016