Tahoe Alien: This Creative Hybrid Will Send You Into Space

Have you tried Tahoe Alien? This potent indica hybrid can produce up to 29 percent THC and provides a happy, creative head high.

Apr 11, 2017

Tahoe Alien is a strong yet jolly strain with OG genetics. Though this bud is more sedative than energetic, Tahoe Alien provides a very happy and creative hybrid high. Great for stress, this bud is a lemony flower that can help you unwind and relax after a long day at work. Just don’t overdo it, though. You may find yourself stuck on the couch.

Strain details

Tahoe Alien A 1 10 Best Indica Strains To Round Off Your 420 Celebrations
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Bred by Alien Genetics, Tahoe Alien is a relaxing indica-dominant hybrid. A cross between Tahoe OG Kush and Alien Kush, this strain has some award-winning genetics and makes for an excellent full-body pain reliever. With OG genetics, this strain features a happy-go-lucky kind of high with strong physical relaxation.

Like most contemporary hybrids, Tahoe Alien can get quite potent. Featuring about 24 percent THC, this bud is best saved for those with a little cannabis experience. In the highest tests, some Tahoe Alien samples have reached a soaring 29 percent of the psychoactive.

Novices may find that this strain is a little on the sedative side, causing heavy lids and even a yawn or two.

This strain’s aroma has inherited much of the classic Kush traits. Tahoe Alien a piney smell with perhaps a little sweetness, though bursts of lemon may be the most striking fragrance of the bud. Intermediate growers will appreciate this bud’s relatively fast flowering time (56 to 63 days) and easy indoor cultivation.

The Tahoe Alien experience

Tahoe Alien A 2 10 Best Indica Strains To Round Off Your 420 Celebrations
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The Tahoe Alien experience is relaxing and mellow overall, though this bud can certainly show it’s strength in high doses. Recommended for use in the evening, this bud makes the perfect nightcap after a long day. After a particularly stressful work week, Tahoe Alien is a true delight.

When you’re in a bad mood, Tahoe Alien will likely lift your spirits and help you drift off into a calm and easy euphoria. This bud also has a reputation for causing the munchies, making this bud an excellent pre-dinner treat. Those who struggle with stress-related lack of appetite may find Tahoe Alien particularly helpful.

As mentioned above, Tahoe Alien is a potent bud. Don’t expect to get much done after a couple of puffs of this strain. Instead, expect your mind to soar off into space. Excellent for those with insomnia, this strain can certainly help you drift off into a deep and perhaps dreamless sleep.

Why do people use Tahoe Alien?

Tahoe Alien A 3 10 Best Indica Strains To Round Off Your 420 Celebrations
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Recreationally, Tahoe Alien is a strain for a slow or rainy day. Calming, heavy, and uplifting, this bud is perfect to break out for a Netflix marathon or an easy day sleeping off a hangover. The high from this bud has a cerebral quality to it, making it a little less hard-hitting than some strains thought to be pure indica.

Medical cannabis patients often pick up this bud for relief from difficult ailments like chronic pain and depression. This cheerful flower is also a popular choice for headache management, making it a nifty tool to have on hand for those prone to migraines and tension headaches.

This strain is also popular among those with anxiety and sleeplessness. Though, in high doses, this bud may cause some dry mouth or perhaps even a little paranoia. However, for the most part, this plant is joyous, calm, and creative. An all around great medical and recreational cannabis strain.

Apr 11, 2017