Take The ‘Cannabis Cleanse’ Challenge

Feb 2, 2016
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It is made very clear in this book that this cannabis cleanse has nothing to do with flushing cannabis out of your system. This cannabis cleanse challenge has everything to do with incorporating cannabis into your diet as a lifestyle choice to completely cleanse your body and mind.

This book is basically a how-to on completely turning your life around using your favourite herb, marijuana. There is an enormous emphasis on mental health and physical health, which leads to a completely new lifestyle.

Very much so for anyone looking to turn their life around in a positive way, this book isn’t just for cannabis enthusiasts, who are already doing some of these things without even noticing. It’s for everybody who wants a healthier body and healthier life and is willing to make a change.

Coming clean with cannabis

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According to this book, by Kristen Williams, cannabis can be used as an alternative to so many other products that human beings consume that are potentially really bad for their health. Williams begins her book by making comparisons between some of these products and how much more beneficial it is to use cannabis.

One of her main focuses is the benefit of choosing cannabis consumption over alcohol consumption for social purposes. This is probably one of the biggest comparisons to make, because as studies have shown and as this book supports, alcohol has far more damaging consequences on society and the body than cannabis use. She suggests that simply making the switch to using cannabis in places where it is legal for social reasons other than using alcohol can already start to show some positive changes in the body.

For example, Williams suggests that people are able to maintain a healthy body weight through cannabis use, and this is simply because they are drinking less alcohol. She also points out that the rate of metabolism is extremely slowed during alcohol intoxication whereas during cannabis intoxication metabolism is sped up.

Cannabis as a medicine

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This book also explains the history of cannabis use for medicinal purposes. Williams compares the difference between using chemical medication and cannabis, the physical benefits that you can experience from coming clean with marijuana. She even goes into detail to explain the benefits of micro-dosing cannabis as a way to maximize your health benefits. This method also doesn’t involve getting stoned, but simply to take advantage of the health benefits of cannabis.

Medical marijuana is far less addictive and far less dangerous than opiates, which are used by an overwhelmingly large proportion of people in the USA. Kirsten Williams says using marijuana instead is coming clean of all of this.

The How-To

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The book provides a complete how-to on switching your life around with cannabis. There is more than just different smoking apparatus in there – there are recipes to make all the kinds of cannabis products that you could need to replace all the chemicals you might be using for medicine. She takes the time to explain how to make healthy choices when it comes to cannabis use, alcohol use and food consumption because having a balanced lifestyle is the most important thing. She addresses how to deal with having the munchies so not to undo all of your hard work.

Recipes are provided for making anything from detox juices that contain cannabis to curry vinaigrettes and cannabis olive oil.

The Cleanse

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The end finally includes the instructions on taking the cleanse for the next seven days. The cleanse is not what you are expecting. There is no recipe for what to consume every single day in order to be cleansed. The only thing she asks you to abstain from in your life is alcohol so that you can noticeably see the difference. And it only takes seven days to begin to see the difference. Everything else is a promise to yourself to have a wonderful life, so unless you’re afraid of having a wonderful life, take the cannabis cleanse challenge!

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Feb 2, 2016