The Art of the Edible

An esoteric sensibility that may elude those new to cannabis is achievable quickly and easily

Jan 14, 2016

As you travel on your cannabis journey, you will learn of various methods of inhalation and ingestion. As you experiment, you should definitely consider trying edibles.

Some of my first interactions with edible cannabis were in the classic form of buds baked into brownies. That is a familiar form for most, but maybe not always the most practical. As the old saying goes, variety is the spice of life!


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You can infuse cannabinoids into butter or almost any type of cooking oil, or create a concentrated herbal tincture, and incorporate it into your favorite recipes. There are plenty of old-fashioned, outdated methods that are messy, unpredictable, and hazardous, placing valuable ingredients at risk. It wasn’t until I found the MagicalButter machine that I realized making edibles could be easy and efficient.

Create ways to feel good

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Creating custom edibles easily and consistently is finally possible for anyone. I find that it’s fun to cook now, constantly challenging myself to include my favorite herbal ingredient in different recipes, to ensure that my endocannabinoid system is thriving. For example, people love sweets and salty snacks because the taste quickly makes us feel good.

But they may not always be the healthiest choice, and they promote a lot of unconscious face-stuffing. So, why not think “outside the bag” and try something more uplifting—say, enjoying the fun of making your own granola bars with infused coconut oil and mixed nuts, dried fruits, dark chocolate, honey, and cinnamon? You could put in anything you prefer. If you think about it, the possibilities are unlimited. That is the art of the edible: creatively incorporating healthy alternatives into your daily diet, cool and conscious ways to feel good.

Magical Gummies

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Another MB fan favorite is Magical Gummies, the gelatin treat that makes life complete. Silicone gummy molds make them in any shape under the sun, making gummies big fun—in more ways than one! (Apparently they also induce rhyming.) The key ingredient in these gummies is MagicalButterOil of Cannabis (MBO), a specially formulated alcohol tincture reduced to essential cannabis oil, the most potent herbal concentrate achievable in your kitchen. Check out this video to see how to create Magical Gummies.

 Know Your Dosage

edibles 10 Tasty Adult Treats That Will Remind You Of Your Childhood
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Edibles are powerful physical and mental health enhancers although they may not necessarily be for everyone. Each person’s metabolism is different, and where edibles are concerned, part of the art is taking the time to figure out the proper dosage on an individual basis, through trial and success. (Not “error”, if you remember one of our favorite proverbs: Start low, and go slow.) The effects are different from smoking, so they take some gradual getting used to. Still, the fewer tar and toxins we take into our lungs, the happier they are; to the extent it replaces combustion, ingestion is a step toward a healthier you.

The convenience factor is another facet of the art of the edible. Sometimes, taking a smoke or vape break or finding a suitable location is not possible; or having an identifiable herbal aroma on your clothing may be less than desirable. Here is where edibles really shine, in providing complete privacy almost any time, anywhere, with no telltale scent or unwanted attention to your exercise of personal freedom. reminds you when making and taking your edibles—whether you Eat to Treat® or just make treats to eat—always think safety first. This is most essential to mastering the art of the edible.

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Jan 14, 2016