The Craziest Weed Myths: True or False?

Those of us who are interested in marijuana are exposed to more information today than ever before. Here are 10 weed myths we have busted.

Oct 7, 2015

It is important to remember that we shouldn’t believe everything we read—especially about weed. Those of us who are interested in marijuana are exposed to more information today than ever before. When it comes to educating yourself about marijuana, you may often feel that the information you find is promoting the dangers of using marijuana. In fact, the resources pushing the dangers of marijuana are likely more dangerous for your mind than the proposed horrors of marijuana use.

As marijuana takes its place in American culture we witness the creation of bogus scare tactics as well as efforts to embrace the change. As supporters of the legal use of marijuana, we at The Stoner’s Cookbook will give you the raw truth about the myths surrounding marijuana use.

Myth #1: Holding in Smoke Gets You Higher

This is most certainly a MYTH. When you inhale a cloud of marijuana smoke the chemical THC, which gets you high, is absorbed into the blood stream through the lungs in the first few seconds.  So, if getting higher is your goal, attempting to inhale more smoke is probably the best answer. Keep in mind, that this may induce coughing. Coughing will expand your lungs and increase available surface area for THC absorption. More surface area means more THC in your system.

Myth #2: Smoking From a Bong Produces a More Intense High

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Another MYTH – but great for glass marketing. Water bongs may actually reduce the high that you get from smoking. A MAPS and CA-NORML study showed that water bongs may actually filter out additional THC from the smoke. Further, the study proposes that consuming marijuana with a higher THC content can be better for your health than that with less THC. The logic is that you would consume less of the “harmful” smoke if the desired high were achieved faster. The government would like you to believe that stronger marijuana is a major threat to the public.

Myth #3: Marijuana Consumption Causes Hair Loss

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I really thought this was a joke – but then I did some research.  This hangs on the edge of being a FACT. An FASEB (Federation of American Studies of Experimental Biology) study showed that the presence of THC in the scalp and hair follicles could inhibit hair growth, especially regrowth. However, there are testimonials to support the contrary.

Myth #4: Marijuana Causes Brain Damage

The MYTH is that marijuana damages everyone’s brain. The Fact is that marijuana use can damage the development of an adolescent brain. Government studies show that adolescents who use marijuana frequently lost an average of 8 IQ points when compared to adolescents who did not consume marijuana. However, those who began smoking heavily as adults did not show signs of IQ loss. Do not be misled though. The use of CBD as medicine for adolescents has not produced negative effects on brain development, in FACT research suggests that CBD may stimulate brain development.

Myth #5: Eating Mangoes Before Smoking Prolongs Your High

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FACT. Consuming mangoes before or after inhaling THC rich smoke can prolong and possibly intensify your high. The chemical myrcene, that gives mangoes their sweet smell, contain terpenes. These terpenes interact with the THC chemical producing a faster and longer-lasting high. For patients using marijuana for pain management mangoes can be a cost effective way of prolonging the pain relief found from consuming marijuana.

Myth #6: Marijuana Causes Short-Term Memory Loss

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MYTH. Marijuana does affect our ability to form short-term memories, BUT only while the THC is at its most active levels in your blood. In other words, your ability to form new memories while consuming marijuana is impaired—this symptom does not carry over to memory formation while “sober”. Some scientists suggest that CBD can assist in overcoming the memory issues  oddly similar to its ability to prevent brain damage in Myth # 5.

Myth #7:  Smoking Marijuana Reduces Sex Drive

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Happy to say this is a MYTH.  Several independent studies have all come to the same conclusion—roughly 55% of people report having an enhanced sexual experience while high. Better yet, an Australian study found that women who used marijuana reported having more than 2 sexual partners in a year and men doubled their likelihood of having more than 2 sexual partners in a year.

Myth #8: Marijuana Will Remain in Your System for 30 Days

This MYTH is generally only a concern for those who are preparing for a urine screening. Unless you are a heavy smoker or overweight, do not worry yourself.  THC, which shows up on urine screenings, is stored in the fat cells of your body. This means that if you are a daily smoker regardless of weight, your fat cells can become saturated with THC and remains in your system for a month or more. If you smoke a few times a month, the THC should escape your system in a matter of days. If you are prepping for a drug screening you should read this first.

Myth #9: Driving High is Just as Bad as Driving Drunk

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Statistically, this is a MYTH. Research finds that alcohol-related car accidents and fatalities are more frequent than accidents involving just marijuana. Reports show marijuana is the second most common substance in a car accident victim’s systems. However, alcohol is generally present in addition to marijuana. Do not drive drunk and if you have to drive high, make sure you have a damn good reason.

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Oct 7, 2015