The Levels of High

Your levels of high in any given situation has the power to make or break your experience. We have defined the three major levels of high

Oct 7, 2015
Levels of high

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Your levels of high in any given situation has the power to make or break your experience. Whether you are reading this article because you are smoking for the first time or for the millionth time, it pays to understand your levels of being high for a better weed experience.

Stage 0: Sober

Well, the name of this stage speaks for itself. So how does a smoker find himself at stage sober other than abstaining from smoking at all? I find that this can generally happen to first-time smokers because it can be difficult to achieve a high on the first smoke sometimes. If that’s happening to you, smoke more. But don’t be the guy who isn’t high but is acting high. Everyone you’re smoking with knows you’re doing it. The only other time it’s likely to stay in stage sober is when there is a disproportionate number of joints to people. A single joint for an eight man circle just will not suffice. Keep a minimum of one joint per three people to make sure everyone gets past sobriety!

Stage 1: slightly buzzed

levels buzzed Marijuana And Modern Day Religion. Is It A Sin?
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Stage one comes after you have had few tokes on a joint or a hit from your pipe. You probably feel increased sensitivity and some interesting physical sensations. Colors might seem brighter, and you might feel a sense of relaxation come over you. Overall, you are aware and lucid and still quite able to perform your normal tasks, but with a more acute interest than usual. Maybe you want to get slightly buzzed before a date, to relax your nerves, or before going on a walk through the park.

Stage 2: High

levels high Marijuana And Modern Day Religion. Is It A Sin?
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In this stage, you should be undoubtedly high. You’ve probably smoked a joint or two to yourself, or you’ve been getting to know your pipe for a couple of hours now. It’s starting to feel like the force of gravity is increasing exponentially, and you’re probably feeling like it’s finally time to be seated. Waves of euphoria are probably washing over you, and your senses are extremely heightened. You might even be entering early stages of disassociation when you are high.This is not a stage for making important life decisions or commitments. Maybe you want to screen your calls from mum for the next couple of hours once you’ve reached this stage. This stage is about enjoying music or watching a movie. It’s usually the stage you’re trying to achieve when you get together with your friends for a social smoke. Don’t commit to doing anything that requires you to be in stage sober, because there’s nothing worse than acting sober when you definitely are not!

Stage 3: “Tripping”

levels tripping Marijuana And Modern Day Religion. Is It A Sin?

Congratulations; this stage isn’t easy to reach by smoking, and more often than not requires edibles. This stage is when you’re experiencing something similar to the beginning stages of mushrooms or LSD. Yes, you can absolutely reach this stage with marijuana by consuming a lot. You have probably passed the stage of being tired or lazy, or the super strong forces of gravity have alleviated a bit. Most people feel energetic in this stage, have increased visual sensitivity, identifiable audible changes and intensely heightened physical sensitivity. You’ve entered the zone of being incapable of hiding the fact that you are baked. There’s no point trying to hide it at this point. This is the stage to explore, whether it’s your physical reality or your consciousness. The veil has been lifted!

Finding the balance

levels balance Marijuana And Modern Day Religion. Is It A Sin?

It’s important to be conscious of your sensitivity to Marijuana and its effects on you. No one can tell you how high you are going to be when you smoke. That’s something you have to assess on your own. But the way to truly maximize your weed experience is to understand your relationship with the plant. Know when it’s the right time to smoke so much that you’re tripping, and when it’s an appropriate time to leave the pipe in your drawer (like an hour before you’re due to appear in court). You aren’t a pussy if your friends go on smoking long after you’re done. If you take it too far, you might end up becoming best friends with the toilet bowl. So now that you understand your levels of highness, enjoy your smoke smokers!

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Oct 7, 2015