The Origins Of Dabbing: Where Did It All Begin?

Dabbing is one of the purest, cleanest highs on the market today. Here’s how it all began.

Mar 14, 2016

Hashish is the earliest form of cannabis extracts and is a concentrated medicinal tar substance often black, brown, and sometimes green in color pulled from the female plants leaves. This process has existed for centuries first being believed to have originated in Eastern Asia then spreading to India, Nepal, The Himalayas, Afghanistan, Turkey, and Morocco as far back as 100 A.D.

Hashish to extracts

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Hashish along with cannabis itself has long been a huge part of the American counter-culture but that is fastly changing with new forms of extraction appearing over the years including BHO solvents, CO2 extractions, including waxes, and shatter dabs.

Today the growth and popularity of the medical and recreational use of the plant have opened up new avenues of study on how the medicine can be extracted. This is a lucrative business and now extracts have become some of the healthiest and purest forms of cannabis use.

The Brotherhood of Eternal Love

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The Brotherhood of Eternal Love was an organization of drug users and distributors from the middle 1960’s through the late 1970’s in Orange County, California. This group was also known as the “Hippie Mafia” and distributed as well as marijuana in hopes of starting a “Psychedelic Revolution” throughout the United States during the time.

John Griggs started the group as a commune but soon began to manufacture LSD and import hashish into the country. In the late 70’s the Brotherhood hired the Weather Underground, a radical leftist organization, for $25,000 to help Timothy Leary make his way to Algeria. The group were reduced to having been a bunch of Outlaw Surfers, smugglers, and the earliest of the rising hippies.

Early movements before legal use

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Early marijuana experimentation among the Brotherhood lead to the first Butane Hash Oil extractions then called “Honey Oil” over 50 years ago, turning music and party scenes during the time into what would become the hippie and stoner peace movements, lending to passive protest against war, and ideas of free love.

“Turns out a honey oil refinery run by an Afghani syndicate exploded in Kabul. That halted production, and tipped off the U. S. Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs to the brotherhood’s smuggling activities.

The explosion also offered a lethal foreshadowing of things to come, both in Afghanistan and here in America. Because let’s be perfectly clear about this: Outside the hands of qualified professionals, using proper equipment and procedures, BHO production is extremely dangerous. People have been killed and severely injured making it incorrectly, or simply living next door to someone who did.” –

But it was already too late

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America had experienced the pot craze, the hazed headed sounds of a love for good music in a time of war, the woodstock shows, a new liberal rational of consciousness against political control among the intellectuals and the hippies now existed, and peaceful gathering over the counter cultural drug became a staple as a certain artistic and hip class arose to the occasion during a time of unjust civil rights attacks and irrational political tyranny.

This was the beginning of what would become the future of dabbing, a form that has grown to nearly 90% purity, and continues to become ever popular not only among stoners and hippies, but among general public, medical patients, and medical sciences themselves.

What are your earliest experiments with hash and the new age dab? Let us know on social media or in the comments below.

Mar 14, 2016