The Time Different Drugs Stay In Your System

Wether it be for a drug test or for personal interest, we look at how long certain common party drugs stay in the body long after the ‘high’ is gone.

Jan 30, 2016

When the lights go out, the music is done and the party is finished, how long will the ‘high’ last? Let’s look at some surprising after-life continuity for 5 common ”recreational (party) drugs”. 

Whoever said you don’t need drugs to have a good time? As we discuss matters that help us to further understand the role of the cannabis plant in our medical and social communities, we come upon a topic that may be of interest to the curious ”mind-enhancement seeking” individual. While a myriad of ‘drugs’ exists, there are those that are commonly used by many people to enhance the quality of a certain experience.

We cannot mention every drug there is out there, we can look at some of the most common substances known by many young and older adults. As we know, a drug is any substance other than food that causes a physiological effect on the body (mind included) for better or for worse. Included in these ‘party drugs’ is the marijuana plant as well, although this is still up for debate.

Bottoms Up!

booze 1 Am I Allowed To Take My Cannabis On An Airplane?
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Number one on our list is the love-hate relationship known as alcohol. This substance is so widely known that it almost seems unreal to call it a drug. But a drug it is nonetheless, and its effects are quite surprising: Urine3 to 5 Days. Blood10 to 12 hrs.

”Chi-Chi Get The Ye-Yo!”

coke Am I Allowed To Take My Cannabis On An Airplane?
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What’s really the difference between coke and sugar? Although we don’t endorse any of the mentioned ‘drugs’, we take them for what they are; recreational ‘mood and physical enhancers’. And this one, this snow queen, is probably just as common as alcohol on any given night. Known for its ‘short and sweet’ surge of energy that it gives, you might be surprised of its afterlife in the body. Urine3 to 4 days. Blood1 to 2 days.

”Popped A Molly I’m Sweatin’, WOO!”

molly Am I Allowed To Take My Cannabis On An Airplane?
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They come in all shapes and colors. Pink ones, purple ones, with prints of flowers or superman logos, MDMA pills are no stranger to the party scene. To some known as ‘Molly’ and to others simply as M, this substance carries a big high and a big low. Most users experience high bliss during the first few hours after consumption and one to two days later a deep depression or a sudden drop of the ‘feel good’ mood. Depending on the amount consumed, here’s the average lifetime of this substance in the body. Urine3 to 4 days. Blood1 to 2 days.

LSD; Solo Yolo or Better With Company?

lsd Am I Allowed To Take My Cannabis On An Airplane?
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Included in the ‘party’ list is LSD, although to many users this substance is better enjoyed alone and in a cozy environment, some out there may also enjoy a ‘trip’ through current space and time in a more psychedelic mind-frame. With the current world situation out there, I don’t blame you. Long after the visual side-effects are gone, traces remain. Urine1 to 3 days. Blood4 to 6 hrs.


bud Am I Allowed To Take My Cannabis On An Airplane?
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Why is marijuana labeled as a drug? The debate on that end of the spectrum continues, and as it does, we must also mention it’s afterlife in the body. Urine7 to 30 days. Blood10 to 14 days.

The More You Know…

Whether it be for a drug test coming up or for pure personal curiosity, knowing the afterlife of these common drugs in our bodies can come in handy in certain situations. Preparing for a job interview that requires a drug test or preparing the glow sticks for the next rave, it will be useful to remember that the substance remains in the body long after the ‘high’ is over.

Effects, doses, metabolism, body weight, mind state, environment, blood sugar levels,  age, and certain other factors all affect these numbers of course. Every individual and every situation is unique. This is a just a heads up on a possible time frame of certain drugs’ physiological time frame in the body. Stay safe out there everybody, always be aware of what you put into your body. YOLO!

Do you agree with this list? Do you have a different opinion on what is considered a ‘party drug’? Or is there something new out there that the kids are doing these days that we know nothing about? Let us know!  Drop us a line in the comments or social media.

Jan 30, 2016