Top 10 U.S. Smoking Cities


Ever wondered what the top 10 cities are that cannabis enthusiasts should definitely visit?

Lukas W
Jan 25, 2016

10. Los Angeles, California

la Top 10 U.S. Smoking Cities
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Although not recreationally legal, more L.A. residents have medicinal cards than any other American city. Being America’s second largest metropolis, you can expect a huge cannabis community with an infinite amount of things to see while you enjoy your favorite west coast strain. If you aren’t convinced about L.A., check out this video of Conan cruising around the city trying to find a dispensary with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube here.

9. Sacramento, California

sacramendo Top 10 U.S. Smoking Cities
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Another Californian city with a big cannabis following, it manages to have a dispensary for every 8141 residences. This makes it the 6th most dispensary-dense city in America. As well as easy access, Sacramento has a big festival scene with HempFest happening once a year.

8. San Francisco, California

SF Top 10 U.S. Smoking Cities
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With its laid back hippie culture, you shouldn’t be surprised that this city made the top 10. Anyone that has taken a stroll near Hippie Hill in the Golden Gate Park can attest to San Francisco’s strong cannabis community.

7. Maui, Hawaii

maui Top 10 U.S. Smoking Cities
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With the optimal growing conditions, this tropical paradise is the perfect vacation setting for people looking to relax in the sun with some bud. The scene started in early 2000 when medical cannabis was legalized. Since then, the industry has boomed and the island even has a THC Ministry Church. Having great weather, great food, and great cannabis are the simple ingredients to an awesome vacation! Or who knows, you may enjoy it so much that you decide to live their permanently, we wouldn’t blame you.

6. Santa Ana, California

santa ana Top 10 U.S. Smoking Cities
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Yes, we head back to the west coast in our top 10. This Orange County city has the 2nd highest number of head shops in the country per capita, with 1 for every 10000 residents. That’s a lot of glassware! And being a Californian city, your choice of cannabis will not disappoint.

5. Aurora, Colorado 

aurora Top 10 U.S. Smoking Cities
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The first city on the list with fully legalized recreational cannabis. This plus all of the medicinal patients means a significant amount of the population are cannabis users. 2.1% of the residents have medical cards. This is the highest percent in the country.

4. San Bernardino, California

san bernadino Top 10 U.S. Smoking Cities
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I’m sure you’ve noticed the California-centric pattern of this top 10, but it is justified! This sunny city has the most head shops per capita. One shop for every 8876 residence. It also has a big festival scene with HempCon and other small events happening annually.

3. Seattle, Washington

seattle 1 Top 10 U.S. Smoking Cities
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When a city has a 3-day long HempFest devoted to hemp and marijuana, you know that the cannabis community will be thriving in this northwestern city in the rainforest and mountains. Another benefit of Seattle, it’s only a 2-hour drive to the beautiful, marijuana-loving Canadian city of Vancouver.

2. Colorado Springs, Colorado

colorado springs Top 10 U.S. Smoking Cities
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#2 on the list is a smaller city in the heart of a legalized state. An outdoor lifestyle will attract many visitors, as well as make this city a desirable place to live. The acceptance of cannabis is obviously a huge factor for this great city being number two on the top ten list.

1. Denver, Colorado

denver Top 10 U.S. Smoking Cities
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Being the rocky mountain states biggest city, you will experience an environment that is the American hub for marijuana users. Having a dispensary for every 3780 residents, there will be no shortage of green during your visit. The cannabis industry is providing new business opportunities for locals to start ingenious companies around marijuana tourism. Some companies will even take you dispensary hopping, in a limousine. Another reason to visit would also be the Cannabis Cup, a festival that attracts people from all over the world


Lukas W
Jan 25, 2016