Touch Of Glass #10


This week we are taking a look at the glass works of Sagan, who’s glasswork is out of this world.

Christopher Teague
Feb 13, 2016

This week we are taking a look at the glass works of Sagan. Sagan works out of his studio in Bellingham, WA. A lover of space, it shows in a lot of his works, and you would be hard pressed to find another artist who dedicates such detail to their cosmic love affair. Sagan has taken his love of glass and space so far, he has even sent one of his glass pendants into space!

Sagan was asked why he makes space-themed glass, and here was his reply:

“I love life. Not speaking about my life, but the fact that there is life. It’s f*****g amazing! The most amazing way to appreciate it is by looking at the universe. The smaller and less significant I feel, the more important I think we are… That one galaxy has a trillion stars. There are billions of galaxies in the observable universe. That means there are billions of trillions of stars, spread out in distances our brains can’t even comprehend. It’s estimated that there is at least an equal amount of planets. Reality is so much more amazing than our imaginations. The fact we exist and are capable of understanding how amazing dirt is, is equally as amazing as the dirt we are examining…

So I make glass relating to space because that’s what I love. The universe is indescribably amazing. I do have other interests, and will peruse them in glass. As of now, I’m enjoying what I’m creating” – SaganGlass on Reddit, (truncated)

Higher Than A Satellite

touch of glass 10 CI 1 Touch Of Glass #10
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Imagine if you will a very different Star Trek; one where VGER was the satellite that had traveled the cosmos, reaching sentience, and come back to unite with its creator in the glory of mind-altering smoke. This piece could spawn a new era of communication, I am sure. If only Regan had tried to bring these bad boys online.

Opalescent Cluster Buster

touch of glass 10 ci 2 Touch Of Glass #10
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Sagan is known for his remarkable ability to work in collaboration with other artists, bringing each person’s strengths to the forefront to create works of art greater than the sum of their components. Here you can see the intricate marbles from one artist, the swirls and depth of color in the base from another! Working together with friends and colleagues, Sagan is bringing the bar for glass to new heights.

 Spaced Out Sherlock

touch of glass 10 ci 3 Touch Of Glass #10
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I love the deep space solar system on the large glass bead on the left side, and how often do you come across a sherlock that is able to sit upright while you load it? All the Sherlocks Sagan makes are thick and impressive, but this one stood out to me with its barrage of complex detail! Way to go!

Maleficent Moon Rocks

touch of glass 10 ci 4 Touch Of Glass #10
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Okay, the first thing this makes me think of is a bowl of Kryptonite putting Superman on his backside! This baby is created for smoking Moon Rocks out of, and you can see why.

Blacklight Reactive Lunar Frenzy

touch of glass 10 ci 5 Touch Of Glass #10
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This piece is, simply put, AWESOME! Not only is the lunar landscape incredibly detailed and realistic, a trademark of Sagan, but the inky black depths of space, dusted with the twinkle of stars transforms under blacklight into a glowing green alien plasma, and the entire feel of the piece transforms! The pale lavender stem and crescent moon become neon pink, and the universe spins on its head. You might too, if you are lucky enough to get your hands on one of this artists works.

Follow Sagan Glass on Facebook, Instagram, and check out this stellar video of him actually launching one of his glass moon pendants into space!

Next Week: Weapons of Glass Destruction. Check out a chainsaw you can smoke out of!

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Christopher Teague
Feb 13, 2016