Touch Of Glass #18: Crystal Visions


Now you can admire the crystals around your buds as well as on them, after all, as cannabis lovers, we are quite multi-faceted!

Christopher Teague
Apr 16, 2016

In my last Touch of Glass, there was one piece that really got my mind wandering. It had real crystals fused onto it, and it was a beauty to behold. I have crystals in my own home, for tranquility, for energy, and for focus. It dawned on me that having real, energy focusing crystals on your smoking piece is the perfect marriage of intent and guidance.

So in that frame of mind, take a look at these spectacularly beautiful artistic creations that combine the metaphysical and the earthly to really enhance your high! Now you can admire the crystals around your buds as well as on them, after all, as cannabis lovers, we are quite multi-faceted! Enjoy Touch of Glass: Crystal Visions.

Smoky quartz

Touch OF Glass18 1 Touch Of Glass #18: Crystal Visions
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This beautiful bong is imbued with the powers of smokey quartz. If you are a spiritual worker or your herb helps you with clairvoyance, you want to have this crystal around for its psychic protection. Smoky quartz both protects you from negativity and transmutes the energy by grounding it back down into the earth. This piece is the perfect smoking glass for dropping the negative energy and protecting you on your metaphysical journeys. It is said to enhance survival instincts. Besides, how can you not like smokey quartz?


Touch OF Glass18 2 Touch Of Glass #18: Crystal Visions
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A magnificent combination of deep purple hand-blown glass, electroformed plating, and natural chunks of amethyst crystal, this bong will provide you not only with intense rips, but intense spiritual growth. A healer, amethyst is a powerful aid in protecting against harmful overindulgence and addiction, especially to alcohol, as it is said to be associated with the god Dionysus, god of wine. It also drives off insomnia and nightmares, aiding in prophetic dreams. With only positive energies, it wards against self-sabotage. It also happens to be a potent aid in attracting women, so make sure to share this bong on a first date.


Touch OF Glass18 3 Touch Of Glass #18: Crystal Visions
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Carnelian usually appears as a mix of orange, red, and brown. In ancient Egypt, it was worn on the hand to still anger, jealousy, envy, and hatred in others. It promotes self-confidence, and dispels depression. Great for when you will be speaking in front of people, especially when associated with the neck or throat, or in this case, your lungs.

In the Renaissance period, it was often engraved with a sword or warrior image and kept in the home to ward against lightning and storms. Touching the skin, it is said to ward off insanity, stimulate sexual impulses, and strengthen astral vision. In general, this is a stone for strength and calm, so use this glass bong to protect your home, health, and sanity!

Crystal quartz

Touch OF Glass18 4 Touch Of Glass #18: Crystal Visions
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Did you know there is an underwater cave system in Mexico with quartz spires bigger than telephone poles? Wow! This amazing crystal was used by North American Indians in rituals and ceremonial wands. Cherokee shamans kept it wrapped in buckskin when not in use, and “feed” it deer’s blood for potency. It is representative of both the moon and the sea.

The perfect smoke for this bong? Moon Rocks or any OG that is actually grown near the ocean. Clear quartz is well known for stimulating psychic power, divination, and intuition, so smoke a bowl out under the full moon and maybe you will pick the winning lotto numbers, or at least see the patterns in your life and how they can fit together better.

Rose quartz

rosequartz Touch Of Glass #18: Crystal Visions
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A beautiful, elegant bong to behold, this piece of glass is encrusted with an array of stones. I have already covered amethyst and clear quartz, so let’s go over the other stone on this pink delight, rose quartz. The stone associated with love and matters of the heart, rose or pink quartz promotes faithfulness and fidelity, love, peace, and happiness.

This is the perfect couples bong, as it will strengthen a relationship and open your heart chakra, as well as your higher heart, or thymus chakra, which is related to compassion. With the empathy-enhancing powers of Nature’s finest herb combined with this stone, better relationships, whether romantic or platonic, are sure to develop. Along with the other stones on this gorgeous glass, you have a potent psychic bubbler of peace, love, and understanding.

What are your favorite stones? Do you use stones for psychic healing or spiritual practice? Would you use a crystal covered pipe or bong for ritualistic intent as well as just for everyday herb use? Share your thoughts on social media or in the comments below.

Christopher Teague
Apr 16, 2016