A Touch Of Glass #28: Good Looking Hooters


Owls are one of the wisest of all animals. And we all know that cannabis consumers are wise, too. These glass hooters are the perfect combination!

Christopher Teague
Jul 4, 2016

Taking a trip to visit family this week, I had the opportunity to see one of Nature’s ugliest sights. Owls, for all their majesty as adults, make for some hideous babies. Late bloomers, you might say. The image won’t leave my mind of those hissing, barely feathered fiends of the night. I love owls; I think they are one of the most beautiful and wise creatures. Now I understand that it might be like the stereotypical smart kids in school. If you don’t start off with looks, you’d better have brains. To repair my sanity, I scoured the world of glass for some more aesthetic representations. So here is Touch of Glass: Good Looking Hooters!

Small hooters are cute

touch of glass 28 1 A Touch Of Glass #28: Good Looking Hooters
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This adorable spoon features an owl that looks like he belongs in the Angry Birds game! Round, bug-eyed, and ready to do some damage, he will crash into your stash and knock you down for the count.

Beautiful nocturnal baby

touch of glass 28 2 A Touch Of Glass #28: Good Looking Hooters
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Sitting at the end of her favorite branch, she scans the night sky for food and fun. I like this piece because of the detail of the ruffled breast feathers, and the dark tree transition. This sherlock is a step beyond the every day, and certainly worth a midnight toke.

Behold my majesty

touch of glass 28 3 A Touch Of Glass #28: Good Looking Hooters
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This guy knows he rules the darkness. With eyes like radar dishes and talons like swords, he is on a mission of search and devour! Puffing his chest, he also rocks a nice dab dome coming out the back that will search and devour your dabs. Give him a kiss on the head to puff up your own chest with his smoke of wisdom.

Feathered friends

touch of glass 28 4 A Touch Of Glass #28: Good Looking Hooters
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Friends of a feather stick together. That goes for owls, too. The only thing better than a few hooters is a lot of them! Owls are a farmer’s friend, as they scour fields and barns for vermin. An owl’s ears are actually connected to their large eye sockets, that act like radar dishes for the sound. Their hearing is often as good as their sight!

Yes, I had to go there

touch of glass 28 5 A Touch Of Glass #28: Good Looking Hooters
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Okay, if you are going to have an owl as a bong, why not have a psychedelic owl? Or in this case, a futuristic shaman robot thing? Maybe this is just a normal owl, but the weed has your imagination going strong.

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Christopher Teague
Jul 4, 2016