A Touch Of Glass #32: Slyme Time

These pieces might appear to be glowing, but they’re not. Slyme is the new type of glass that’s changing the market and producing some truly unique works of art.

Aug 26, 2016

Slyme glass is a new and innovation addition to many glass blowers’ arsenals. This beautiful glass leaves pieces looking radioactive, like they’re glowing in the dark, but in midday. The unique technique takes some time to master, and can become a frustrating process, but hard work always pays off. The Slyme is heated differently than other color rods and often can turn opaque or fill with bubbles if the master artist isn’t careful. When done correctly, these Slyme-enhanced pieces become sought after specimens, making the perfect addition to any glass lovers’ collection.

1. Recycler vapor rig

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Max Quality Glass offer this beautiful rig, made completely from green Slyme. Handmade in Colorado and standing at just over 8 inches, a rig like this would be perfect for any dabber looking to enhance their rig selection.

While the price of Slyme pieces is a little more than normal, it’s totally worth it. This particular rig costs $360 and also comes with a hand-blown Slyme dome and nail. For all that you’re receiving, plus the uniqueness of the piece, the price really isn’t that steep.

2. Mosaic masterpiece

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The beautiful thing about Slyme glass is it can be used to create one-of-a-kind works of art, like this beautiful spoon pipe. While it might not seem like hard work, each Slyme dot is placed individually into the clear glass and allowed to cool, resulting in the stained glass-like appearance. This pipe will truly turn heads at every smoke session.

3. Purple or pink?

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My all-time favorite shade of Slyme is what artists call “pink,” however, this color is very clearly purple, a beautiful, unique shade of purple that is unmatched by any other substance on earth.

Artist Jon Forsman, from Lansing, Michigan, creates Slyme-infused pieces like no other, incorporating difficult techniques and patterns into his insanely creative work. The dark zigzag details help to highlight the brightness of the pink Slyme covered rig, making the neon colors pop even more.

4. Slyme gummies… yum!

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This glorious gummy bear is molded entirely from Slyme. While the slider contains some clear glass, it’s apparent that this guy is Slyme through and through, especially with the light hitting his little forehead and truly illuminating the entire piece.

If you look closely, you can see tiny air bubbles inside of the bear, slight imperfections that are common when working with Slyme. The glass rods must be heated to the correct temperature, so that the tempered glass moves and flows smoothly, making it simpler for blowers to manipulate and form. Even with the minuscule imperfections,

Even with the minuscule imperfections, this is one sweet bear.

5. Popping peepers

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This amazing piece is made with a variety of glasses and techniques that come together to form a one-of-a-kind piece of art. With a removable bowl piece, the pipe can change from flower to concentrate friendly in just seconds. The tiny Slyme creatures, peepers as they’re affectionately called, seem to watch the smoker take each hit.

Paul Uber, owner and head glassblower at Flip Side, located in Erie, Pennsylvania, works tirelessly to creature unique pieces that truly inspire the users. With the incorporation of Slyme, this master craftsman has developed some exquisite glass.

What is your favorite piece featuring Slyme glass? Let us know on social media or in the comment section below.

Aug 26, 2016