A Touch Of Glass #36: Happy Halloween!


These Halloween-inspired ghoulish glass pieces will delight any Halloween-obsessed cannabis lovers and are sure to resurrect a few spirits.

Dee Giznik
Oct 30, 2016
Happy Halloween

Halloween is here! There’s no better time to share some ghostly-inspired works of glass art than now. These pieces might be a tad frightful, but don’t worry, they’re nothing compared to the clowns that were sweeping the nation a few weeks ago. These pumpkins, witches, and goblins will delight any Halloween-obsessed cannabis lovers and bring joy to their hearts. Mix in a few characters from some classic Halloween films and there’s sure to be something for everyone in this Happy Halloween edition of Touch of Glass.

One-eyed zombie

Glass 36 1 A Touch Of Glass #36: Happy Halloween!
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This spoon bowl comes to life, or death, with the amazing attention to detail, realistic blood drippings and missing eyeball. Thanks to The Walking Dead, zombies have become extremely popular in recent years. This bowl is the perfect addition to the collection of an avid lover of the undead.

Ohhh, I’m really scared!

Glass 36 2 A Touch Of Glass #36: Happy Halloween!
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That’s Mr. Oogie Boogie to you, and he’s here to get you high, not steal Santa Claus. For years, people have debated whether this cult classic is a Halloween movie or Christmas movie, but it can be both. This is the perfect movie to watch any time of year, really, and if you disagree you must not understand the hidden meanings.

This bong is beautifully illuminated with slyme glass, which is ultra-sensitive and requires the attention of a skilled glassblower to come out flawlessly. Boogie even comes with his own personal bong, so you don’t have to worry about him stealing your stash.

Frankenstein’s monster

Glass 36 3 A Touch Of Glass #36: Happy Halloween!
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Little known fact, this guy’s name isn’t Frankenstein. Frankenstein was the doctor who created this monster. Sadly, the monster was never given an official name. It’s been the cause confusion for decades, but now the record has been set straight.

At any rate, this small hand-pipe is easily concealed for discreet smoke sessions and closely resembles the familiar images you’ve seen of him, complete with the bolts in his neck. The small area where cannabis goes makes it perfect for use by one person who’s just trying to catch themselves a monster buzz.

Who ya gonna call?

Glass 36 4 A Touch Of Glass #36: Happy Halloween!
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A glass rig can be cumbersome and hard to transport, but not this one. While remaining relatively simple in shape, it packs a whole bunch of exciting details inspired by Ghostbusters.

Not only is Slimer on the container, the entire rig is made to look like a juice box. Of course, even after the name has been changed from “Hi-C Ecto-Cooler” to “THC,” the theme carries this awesome rig to new heights.

Wicked witch

Glass 36 5 A Touch Of Glass #36: Happy Halloween!
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Uniqueness is something we all look for in a smoking accessory. This witch offers a special kind of sparkling glass, fitting for a magical being such as herself.

In her hands she holds a shiny stone, meant to resemble a crystal ball. The ghoulish face is just scary enough to remind us that she has something sinister planned, hopefully, it’s not to take away our high.

The pumpkin king

Glass 36 6 A Touch Of Glass #36: Happy Halloween!
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How could we end a Halloween list of any sort without including the Pumpkin King himself? Jack Skellington has become synonymous with Halloween.

This simple etching on the black glass steamroller adds the perfect touch of spookiness that we’re all looking for this time year. The large smoking chamber will leave users with a strong high that we’re all looking to achieve year round!

Dee Giznik
Oct 30, 2016