Touch of Glass #8

This week we are checking out some of the fantastic glass you can find at

This week we are going to check out some of the fantastic glass you can find at Sure, there are loads of glass shops out there, enough to suit every fancy and almost every budget, but I like to search for the ones that have a little something that says “creative, edgy, inspired”. I will take you on a brief tour of what they have to offer.

Sickle Pipe

Bongs are just one of many, many different types of smoking apparatus, and while they tend to take the spotlight, often for their sheer size and complexity, hand held pipes are where most of us start. This metallic menace is a delight, with a nice carb, great grip, and that blade curving down for something you definitely don’t come across in the average collection.

Abstract Hitter

Pipeater is one of my favorite glass artists lately, and he brings his wonderful combination if frosted white glass and swirling colors to this fancy hitter. A large bowl, smooth curves, and thick glass make this a hitter that is not only a tough piece for travel but a different style than we often see.

Damascus Knife Dabber

Glass isn’t just about the smoking device itself, but about putting that creative artistry into all the tools and accessories we enjoy with the smoking ritual. The selection of dabbing tools at Kravinglass is nice, with pieces ranging from simple to ornate and every crazy side road in between. I used to own a real Damascus blade, and seeing this tool brought back some fond memories.

Space Jar

If you are going to get the pipe, the dab tools, the bowl, the drop down… don’t forget to grab a nice looking jar to put your stash in. Why go through the trouble of getting an inspiring glass smoking piece, just to keep your stash in a lowly plastic baggie? It is almost an insult to your bud! Those beautiful buds deserve a beautiful place to wait for you. If you know anything about storing and curing your bud, you know you need an airtight container, and glass jars are the way to go!


This piece brings to mind the very molecule we love, THC. With the sharp angles and crystals protruding from the central chamber, I feel like I smoked one before the science fair. I like the dab cover, the idea of putting that golden resin inside is almost like starting a mad scientist device. Having this piece would definitely be a contrast to the typical shapes and styles you can see at any walk in smoke shop. This is what is great about cannabis, and humanity. I would have never dreamed of seeing a piece like this, but someone did, and now we can all enjoy it!

One thing that stood out to me about Kravinglass and their commitment to bringing great American made glass to you is that almost every piece had a brief video attached to the product page, so you can see the piece from every angle. I love the pendants that they have, as well as the deep etched pipes. Go check them out!

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