A Touch Of Glass #34: Panda, Panda, Panda

Panda bears are officially off the endangered species list, a real win for the planet. We’re celebrating with some panda-inspired knowledge… and glass.

Sep 13, 2016

Have you heard the great news? Giant Panda bears have officially been removed from the endangered species list! These raccoon-cousins are large and in-charge, roaming wildly through many Chinese forests. While they’ll no longer be considered “endangered,” they are still listed on The International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List of Threatened Species as “vulnerable.” To help raise awareness and spread the good news of the bears’ growing population, this week’s Touch of Glass is all about pieces inspired by these cuddly creatures.

Pandas love honey, too

Touch Of Glass 34 1 This Dominos Driver Delivered More Than Just Pizza
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All these years I thought it was just Pooh Bear that loved honey, but as it turns out, pandas are pretty big fans of the sticky stuff, too.

While bamboo is the staple food of their mostly-herbivore diet, they’ve been known to scale trees to reach a sweet treat. They often share the honey with their entire embarrassment, A.K.A. group of pandas. However, this little guy looks like he might only be willing to share some sweet concentrate smoke with you.

Sleepy panda

Touch Of Glass 34 2 This Dominos Driver Delivered More Than Just Pizza
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The only thing pandas love more than eating, is sleeping. Maybe I’m a panda. They spend 10-16 hours per day roaming for food, depending on the abundance of resources. The other 14-8 hours are spent sleeping and relaxing.

A few hits from this extremely detailed bong will have you sleeping like a panda in a no time; the creators even placed a sleeping bear inside the smoke chamber. The bong offers superior airflow to allow for optimal THC intake, which leads to a more intense high.

The little glass figurines climbing around represent the cute, playful side of pandas, something younger pandas are known for.

Puking panda

Touch Of Glass 34 3 This Dominos Driver Delivered More Than Just Pizza
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It’s everyone’s favorite Snapchat filter come to life on an outstanding dab rig. While pandas can eat and eat and eat, they don’t often get physically sick unless something is internally wrong. However, all those munchies have to go somewhere.

Due to their large, high-fiber diet of bamboo, pandas poop up to 40 times per day. I think we’ll all take the multi-colored fictional panda instead, and enjoy a few rips from this crazy rig.

Long live the pandas!

Touch Of Glass 34 4 This Dominos Driver Delivered More Than Just Pizza
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These panda pipes are filled with glowing liquid, perfect for ensuring a piece is never lost in the dark. The downside to pieces like this is they often have a shorter life span than traditional, solid spoon-bowl pieces. One fatal drop and the piece could shatter, sending the white mystery-liquid everywhere.

Pandas, however, have a long lifespan. On average, pandas that roam free can live up to twenty years, dying from a variety of causes, including loss of habitat and dwindling resources, both due to deforestation.

Pandas in captivity can live upwards of thirty years, with proper care and diet. The oldest panda ever recorded in captivity was 38 years old!

The goal is for researchers to create a sustainable environment in nature, where wild pandas can also have a chance to experience these lengthened lifespans.

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Sep 13, 2016