A Touch Of Glass #30: Female Fireworks


Check out the fiery glass art of one of the best in the business! LaceFace is a fantastic female artist with red hot skills.

Christopher Teague
Jul 27, 2016

This week in Touch of Glass we showcase the work of one of the finest artists in the business. Female firecracker LaceFace, a.k.a. Lacy St. George has honed her torch craft since 2004. Beginning in 2010, she attended trade shows and has won several of the industry’s highest awards. With an Associates Degree in the Arts, she has dedicated her life to making the world a more beautiful place, one piece of glass at a time. To recognize one of the best females in the world, we take a look at her work over the years in Touch of Glass: Female Fireworks.

2010: The pirate ship

touch of glass30 1 A Touch Of Glass #30: Female Fireworks
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I dreamed of a Pirate Ship while driving up the Oregon Coast to do a collaboration project with Buck. Along with the help of Joe O’Connell from the Cornerstone in Eugene, it took three of us over two weeks to complete this massive project.

I can not say that any project before or since taught me more about glass. We blared pirate music while dreaming up new ways of constructing parts and pieces, fearlessly pushing the limits of what can be done with borosilicate glass and what can be called a pipe.

2011: Natural selection

touch of glass30 2 A Touch Of Glass #30: Female Fireworks
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There comes a time in all our lives when we stand at a fork in the road and we have to choose. We can stand there all day long and analyze the consequences of either decision. Dwell, think… contemplate…Or we can just trust our instinct, hit the ground running, and never look back….

2012: Electric blue ladies

touch of glass30 3 A Touch Of Glass #30: Female Fireworks
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Made on a tour of the California coast in 2012, these pieces are a pair in collaboration with Ari Bluegrass.

2013: Laid back

touch of glass30 4 A Touch Of Glass #30: Female Fireworks
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Created in collaboration with Darby Holms, LaceFace made this in Oregon in 2013. The whole piece comes together as more than just a nice glass piece, it actually frames like a diorama.

2015: Queen Isis

touch of glass30 5 A Touch Of Glass #30: Female Fireworks
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The Ankh is the Hieroglyph for life itself… “Queen Isis” is a collaboration between myself and Jason Burruss which we made in the spring of 2015 for the gallery show “Kings and Queens” by Jason Burruss and Annie Stardust, at the Oriental Theatre in Denver Colorado. This piece was constructed in Evergreen Colorado with all the wire work done by Jason Burruss. Photo by Jamie Zill

LaceFace: Women and cannabis

touch of glass30 6 A Touch Of Glass #30: Female Fireworks
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LaceFace stands as another fine example of how women continue to find equal footing and make their mark in the cannabis-related industry. You can check out all her amazing work at her website, lacefaceglass.com, or see what she is up to on Instagram and Facebook.

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Christopher Teague
Jul 27, 2016