5 Ways To Guarantee You Never Buy Bad Weed Again

Make sure you’re not one of the horror stories of people being buying moldy buds, or out-of-date products with help from the Trichome Institute.

Jan 13, 2017

You have to be trained, licensed and certified to paint fingernails or cut hair, yet many budtenders have little or no training. You are required to take a course and get a license to drive a car, but not to sell psychoactive gummy bears to the public. This is a problem for both medical and recreational cannabis users and highlights public health and safety concerns.

Setting industry standards

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The cannabis industry has state-by-state testing regulations for pesticides, but no quality control testing. Cannabis of poor quality can be for sale in less-scrupulous dispensaries, and it’s the budtender’s job to sell it to you.

Unfortunately, there are instances of budtenders pushing products that are a year old, or moldy buds, or say it’s an indica when really it’s a sativa.

It is the customer’s job to know what they want and avoid what they don’t. A used car salesman tries to explain why the like-new car is a great deal, but a savvy customer will pop the hood themselves.

Here are five helpful tools to ensure you get the perfect product you deserve.

1. Train your senses

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Some budtenders only go by the information provided on the label, and, unfortunately, sometimes that information is wrong. Strains are mislabeled sativa or indica, and strain names are can be incorrect due to the recent black market and cannabis morphology.

Use the Interpening Loop™ to measure the quality of the buds through smell and sight, and determine the psychotropic effect by aligning the shape of the flower, how it smells, and where you feel that smell in your face.

Interpening™ is a method used to identify and understand cannabis variety, based on interpreting the plant’s terpenes and flower structure.

What looks like a flat chart is an interactive 3D tool that can help you pick the perfect bud.

With this tool, you can avoid being sold moldy, old, under-flushed, or mislabeled weed.

2. The Weed Wheel™

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The Weed Wheel™ is another awesome tool that will help you know what you should expect from a flower purchase. Simply align the wheel to the aroma option, where you feel the smell in your face, cola structure, and leaf shape to determine the effect.

Both the Weed Wheel™ and the Interpening Loop™ can be better understood by using the Interpening Guidebook™.

3. Take a closer look

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Did you know that some required microbial testing doesn’t test for the most common cannabis molds and fungi?

There’s a tool to solve this problem, too. The dual LED and UV super-magnifier will allow you to see trichome ripeness, health, and structure while illuminating invisible insects and molds.

4. Hash and concentrates discovery

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Most cannabis enthusiasts are familiar with hash and concentrates, yet can lack technical specifics. For example, what are the differences between wax and shatter? Which is more pure, rosin or distillate? Which is more potent, live resin or solvent free?

The Hash & Concentrate Wheel™ allows you to describe the potency, consistency, purity, color, and extraction method of bubble hash, kief, rosin, live resin, solvent free, distillate, hash oil, wax, and shatter. The Hash and Concentrate Guidebook is coming soon.

5. Look for the signs

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The only way to know if a budtender truly knows their stuff is proof of legitimate training.

The most technically advanced and up to date online and in-person cannabis education in the world is at the Trichome Institute. It’s no surprise the Trichome Institute earned The Cannabist’s Pineapple d’Or (Golden Pineapple) Award for the Best Cannabis Education Company in the industry 2016.

They are the only cannabis education company who produces expert reviewed textbooks, student workbooks, and they even have government approved and certified training courses.

You don’t have to be in the industry to receive training from the Trichome Institute. You can access and become certified in Cannabis Product and Sales Training from the comfort of your own home. Fortunately, the Trichome Institute only certifies real cannabis experts who can prove their knowledge base by testing on live flower, in person, and it isn’t easy.

The Trichome Institute is the only company offering cannabis sommelier training and certification and it’s called Interpening™. If you see someone wearing a green Level 2 Interpening™ Pin, be assured this is someone who knows about cannabis.

The Trichome Institute

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The Trichome Institute offers both a budtender CPST Certification, and a Cannabis Products course, which is perfect for and anyone who needs to understand the complexities of each cannabis product, including consumers, parents, physicians, pharmacists, and employees.

Their online learning features the most up-to-date information in the industry. Videos and interactive learning allow students to rapidly progress through the entire course in as little as seven hours with 24/7 technical support.

The Trichome Institute is licensed by CDPHE and the Marijuana Enforcement Division to certify people and businesses as responsible vendors with their state certified RV program offered in person.

Interpening™ Level 1 will be online in the future, and the Trichome Institute is willing to teach the course in-person anywhere in the world. Interpening™ Level 2 is currently only offered in Colorado but is coming to California and Oregon in 2017. Interpening™ Level 3 is currently offered by invite only.

Click here to learn more about the differences between the levels and more about the courses.

Stay up to date with the Trichome Institute’s new tools and courses by signing up to their monthly email, and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Jan 13, 2017