10 Trippy Songs You’ll Love If You’re High Right Now

When you’re high, awesome music is a must. Music enhances the cannabis experience, so enjoy these 10 trips songs to listen to when you’re high.

Aug 2, 2017

When you’re high, awesome music is a must. Music enhances the cannabis experience, so enjoy these 10 trippy songs to listen to when you’re high.

1. Grind Me Down: Lilianna Wilde

Is she talking about weed or her crush? The trippy music video for the hypotonic song doesn’t clear up that question whatsoever. Learn more about Wilde’s desire to explore cannabis, blur lines, and explore vices in this interview.

2. You & Me: Skrux

You can’t help but bob your head to this trippy beat. It’s pretty much automatic and demands some dance moves.

3. Fall Creek Boys Choir: James Blake & Bon Iver

When Bon Iver is involved, you can expect sounds that make no sense but resemble heaven when put together. The duo delivers, leaving listeners both confused and utterly satisfied.

4. First Snow (Ooah Remix): Emancipator

This song is versatile. Its level of trippy accompanies a chill smoke session or a night playing Call of Duty. Take your pick.

5. Cigarettes and Chocolate: Chet Faker

Not only does this song have an amazing title, but it has the perfect flow. It’s on the edge of something more “mainstream,” like Flume, but has Bon Iver vibes. You’re sure to enjoy this unique combination.

6. Agenda: Kate Nash

Kate Nash blends every sound of the spectrum in this tune. It’ll have you asking questions, nodding your head in pure bliss, and feeling sentimental. Nash’s versatility is amazing. Be sure to keep an eye out for more new music.

7. Until The Sunrise: Timeflies

While Timeflies has come onto the scene more recently, they’ve been writing and producing music for years. This is a throwback to their first album, The Scotch Tape, which has more EDM rhythms and builds than their newer tracks.

8. Permission To Love: Hayden James

While he has recently collaborated with big names like ODESZA, Hayden James has been making trippy music for quite a while. Enjoy this track, which was released in 2013.

9. I Like Me Better (Ryan Riback Remix): Lauv

A track reminiscent of summer and young love. Lauv, who studied music in New York City, is clearly inspired. On this remix, Riback does a great job highlighting the violin and creating subtle drops. This song is truly perfection.

10. Nothing: VÉRITÉ

This song has everything you could want, AND beats that will have you lighting up another joint. Is it rock, is it pop? And who would guess that this lyricist/singer began in the country genre!

There you have it – 10 trippy songs that will keep your high going. Enjoy the blends of sounds, tastes, and styles. Happy smoking!

Aug 2, 2017