7 Most Unusual Cannabis Strains In The World

From black buds to unusual cannabinoids, these seven unique strains will change your perspective on the cannabis plant.

Apr 17, 2017 - Anna Wilcox

Growers and researchers have only just scratched the surface in regard to what the cannabis plant can do. While most are familiar with large, fragrant flowers and the classic seven-pronged leaf, some strains will force you to rethink what the cannabis plant is all about. Here are 7 of the most unusual cannabis strains.

1. Black Beauty

7 Most Unusual 1 10 Best Indica Strains To Round Off Your 420 Celebrations
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Black Beauty is a gorgeous strain that can produce dense, deep black buds. Even more astounding is this strain’s cannabinoid profile. Black Beauty produces about 7 percent THC and 4 percent THCV. THCV is an up and coming

THCV is an up and coming cannabinoid that has gained the attention of mainstream pharmaceutical companies for its potential in diabetes and Parkinson’s care.

However, this oddball strain also flowers at an 18 hour light cycle. Weirder still, it tends to produce yellow “banana hairs” that sometimes give off pollen, making it a hermaphrodite. Though this plant is quite strange, Black Beauty is incredibly valuable. As a high THCV producing bud, this strain is certainly one to keep an eye on.

2. Frisian Duck

7 Most Unusual 2 10 Best Indica Strains To Round Off Your 420 Celebrations
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Bred by Dutch Passion, Frisian Duck is the perfect strain for urban growers. Designed to blend in with the surrounding environment, this strain does not feature the iconic seven pronged cannabis leaf. Rather, Frisian Duck leaves look more like webbed duck feet. This makes it super easy to grow outdoors in a more discrete way.

A cross between Frisian Dew and a special genetic strain called Ducksfoot, this Frisian Duck is high yielding and produces giant purple buds. This strain was in development for several years, as breeders at Dutch Passion worked to create the ultimate stealth cannabis plant.

3. Pinkman Goo

7 Most Unusual 3 10 Best Indica Strains To Round Off Your 420 Celebrations
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Pinkman Goo is another beautiful strain grown by Twompson Prater of CaliCropDoc. Not only does this strain produce breathtaking pink and purple coloration, but it also produces a resin droplet. Similar to sap found on maple or pine trees, this resin droplet collects on the flowering bud.

In laboratory tests, “gooed” versions of this strain tested four percent higher in THC than non-gooed flowers. This strain is thought to produce the goo due to genetic factors that respond to certain environmental conditions. Typically, this strain tests at around 18 percent THC.

4. Doug’s Varin

7 Most Unusual 4 10 Best Indica Strains To Round Off Your 420 Celebrations
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Doug’s Varin is a mysterious strain bred in California. The genetics of this strain are a bit of a mystery. This strain was originally thought to be Harlequin, a popular high CBD variety. However, after growers popped the seeds, they realized that this strain was something else entirely.

Like Black Beauty, Doug’s Varin is a high THCV strain. This makes it extremely valuable to medical cannabis patients and researchers. Unlike Black Beauty, Doug’s Varin produces about 19 percent THC and 15 percent THCV, making it one of the highest THCV producing strains in the world.

5. Master Kush

7 Most Unusual 5 10 Best Indica Strains To Round Off Your 420 Celebrations
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Master Kush looks like just about every other cannabis strain you’ve ever seen. However, this strain has some unique genetic characteristics. Master Kush is what is known as a tetraploid, which means that this strain carries four sets of chromosomes rather than two. Chromosomes are spindles of DNA that make up

In plants, tetraploidy is associated with a larger cell size and increased water content. Though further investigation is needed, it’s possible that tetraploidy may help Master Kush produce larger flowers. Though, it may also need more water and resources to offset the size.

6. Malawi Gold

7 Most Unusual 6 10 Best Indica Strains To Round Off Your 420 Celebrations
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Malawi Gold is a rare landrace strain native to Malawi. However, this tropical strain has some seriously amazing features. For one, Malawi Gold buds are rumored to produce colas as tall as 2 feet long.

This is partly due to the herb’s tropical heritage. Tropical cannabis strains have unique adaptations to their environment since daylight lasts about 12 hours all year long.

As a result, this strain has a very long flowering time. Though, it is also a vigorous grower and puts some serious weight into flower development. All and all, it’s worth it to the extra few weeks for this pure sativa to finish.

7. Australian Bastard Cannabis

7 Most Unusual 7 10 Best Indica Strains To Round Off Your 420 Celebrations
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Like Ducksfoot, Australian Bastard Cannabis (ABC) is almost unrecognizable as cannabis. Cannabis Culture first reported on this strain back in the 1990s, and it’s more or less remained a mystery since.

This strain produces small, wonky three-pronged leaves. While most cannabis grows more like a bush or a tree, ABC grows more like a small shrub or medicinal herb.

ABC isn’t known to be very potent, but some cannabis breeders claim that they have used it in some experiments of hybridized strains. While it may lack THC on its own, ABC is extremely frost resistant and hardy, which may make it a novel tool for future breeding projects.

Breeding projects thus far, however, have been unsuccessful in preserving the ABC characteristics.

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