This Cannabis Chocolatier Will Change The Way You Think About Edibles

Some edibles are better than others, especially those by Vanessa Lavorato, a chocolatier on Viceland’s new show Bong Appetit.

Dec 26, 2016

As Forrest Gump once said, life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re going to get. Thanks to legal weed, chocolate is far more extraordinary than anything Forrest ever ate. Not only are chocolate edibles tasty, but they also keep you high for hours. However, some edibles are better than others, especially those by Vanessa Lavorato, a chocolatier on Viceland’s new show Bong Appetit.

Marigold Sweets Confections is the Chanel of edibles

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Although chocolate is delicious in any form, there are some that are better than others. In fact, chocolate edibles offer a tastier way of consuming cannabis as medicine. However, many of these edibles look as dull as a Hershey’s bar.

Despite the lack of appeal in chocolate edibles, there is one company serving up candy not only for the mouth but also for the eyes. That company is Marigold Sweets Confections.

According to Vanessa Lavorato, a chocolatier of Marigold’s, there’s more to edibles than just getting high,

Sure, some people just want to get high, but a lot of people really need cannabis as a medicine.

Chocolates are another vehicle to help them get their medicine – a spoonful of sugar.

Vanessa Lavorato also stars as the resident culinary expert on Viceland’s new cannabis cooking show, Bong Appetit. Not only is she full of charm herself, but she also puts plenty of that charm into her chocolates, which the average Snickers bar could never match up to,

It’s like the difference between Steve Madden and Chanel.

Not only do her chocolates taste amazing, but they also help patients feel more pleasant just by looking at them.

Vanessa Lavorato: changing the way people think of edibles

While attending UC Berkley, Vanessa Lavorato began to discover cannabis and the slow-food movement. Her inspiration to create game-changing chocolates, on the other hand, came from her desire to help others.

After interning at Alice Waters’s Rome Sustainable Food Project, that’s when she made the decision to turn it into a career.

In like manner of cannabis, her chocolates are edible flowers with a lot of spiritual significance, she says. Each chocolate, in particular, comes with a maximum of 25 mg of THC.

Moreover, they come in four delectable flavors, including vegan dark chocolate cardamom-coconut caramels sprinkled with matcha salt and maple-sweetened toffee bars.

Of course, Lavorato also stresses the importance of starting slowly with edibles. In fact, she has 10-milligram formulations just for beginners.

Once you have one, you cannot stop. However, this fact has become a problem for Lavorato. People want more, but they are currently only available at one establishment, Cornerstone Collective in Los Angeles.

Although you can’t find these $36 a box chocolates everywhere, Lavorato is hoping that will change and that her patients are willing to wait,

Hopefully, my patients are willing to be patient. No pun intended.

Dec 26, 2016