Would You Vote For President Weed?

What Would Weed Do If It Became President? Here we take an interesting look at how President Marijuana would help implement a mellow social change across the country.

Feb 19, 2016


It’s now 2016 with that dark and ominous overtone of control, the money and politics looming down, quarreling the public and wilding our American debt to a torpor. Could we make better of humanity with such a history? All the decisions to create new jobs, ensure education, and stabilize our economy this year: Will they rot with government secrecy, scandal, war, greed? 

This is an especially ugly time for the strange and terrible presidential debates that are coming to a front, but I’ll save all the criminal political details.

President Weed

president weed ci 2 Snoop Roasts Donald Trump
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Yet Could things be better for our country? The editor must have been stoned again thinking… What If Weed Were President?  What quizzical nature the debates for U.S. policy control.

What quizzical nature the debates for U.S. policy control. I was simply a writer on the road, stoned-daring, taking his time and chances to shoot out into the sun, looking for finer breezes, a good story, and long last an hour-glass of freedom. I thought what the hell and pondered 5 promises weed would make if it were to win office.

1. The White House to be renamed “The Weed House”

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If Marijuana took the presidential seat this year the entire white house would be a 24-hour around-the-clock stoner party. Politicians would be splayed out on the front lawn crawling haze-headed in hash brownie dazes to save parched thirst.

There are now giggling interns running around half-baked and naked, sharing joints with impoverished hippies who had gathered on the steps with their signs and musical instruments. It would be the greatest revamp of a ’60’s Woodstock show, always live music, wailing louder than a Hendrix set on a head full of acid.

2. Job market growth

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If Marijuana were president it would ensure jobs. This would include jobs for farmers, marketers, distributors, HR personnel, government agencies, journalist, technology innovators, financial service professionals, and all of the food service industry, including retailers and wholesalers.

3. Plant medicine programs

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Marijuana science would full sail an operation to discover all the plants properties and work to end life altering disease and cancer. With this in policy, large pharmaceutical companies could be replaced, lowering the number of patients who use addictive medication that could instead use marijuana as a healthier alternative.

4. Marijuana tax to fund state

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Marijuana’s millions in tax revenues will fund school education, the building of new roads,  and advanced progression in medical science. It would also fund programs for more sustainable living and economic growth through green peace change.

5. Community building

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If Marijuana were president, we would be “kings-of-cool” sharing our cooking recipes in other countries, trading, dabbing, bonging, one big fat global smoke out after the next!!!

What promises do you see President Weed making if it were to become president?? Let us know your thoughts on social media or in the comments section below.

Feb 19, 2016