You Need To Watch The Bong Rip Gauntlet

Watch to see how many many bong hits Josh from StrainCentral can do in one breath.

Mar 30, 2016 - Kyle Muckian

Daaaaaaaamn Josh!! Back at it again with the challenges on Strain Central, a youtube channel dedicated to marijuana.  In this video, he returns to his roots and is doing more of a challenge or combo video that his followers have been asking for. 

The challenge, in this case, is quite simple.  How many bong bowls can Josh smoke in one breath? He has absolutely no idea and is willing for the sake of his many followers to show them and himself the answer to that question. Aptly named the “Bong Rip Gauntlet”

What happened to your hair Josh?

bong rip gauntlet hair Can You Master These 3 Awesome Smoke & Vape Tricks By 4/20?
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But before we can get into the bong hit, it was important for Josh to address the change in his appearance.  His hair was considerably shorter than in the previous video.  Apparently he went to a hairdresser who didn’t listen as he asked for a trim, and it ended up being considerably shorter than he had requested.  Nonetheless, it suits him in my opinion and gives his beard more showtime!

Brain Fart

bong rip gauntlet sauce strain Can You Master These 3 Awesome Smoke & Vape Tricks By 4/20?
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Then, doing his best to perpetuate the myth that cannabis use leads to loss of memory, he quite perfectly, forgets the name of the strain he was going to use for the bong hit. What made it worse was that he had done strain review on that particular strain which couldn’t have perpetuated that stereotype any better if it tried.  The strain, by the way, was called “The Sauce”

So the final verdict was that Josh was (self-proclaimed) able to do five bowl hits.  He admitted that some of the bowls had a little bit left. So I’m uncertain how he was counting those as finished. lol  But who are we to judge. We’re just here for the show right?  He did pretty well nonetheless. So cheers Josh to good job!

What is your personal best bong hit in one breath?  Share your thoughts with us on social media or in the comments section below.

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