We’re Celebrating Our 10th Birthday!


From our humble beginnings as a cannabis recipe website, HERB is now the place for anyone to discover everything cannabis-related.

Apr 12, 2016

We can’t believe that a decade has passed since we first launched. From our humble beginnings as a cannabis recipe website, HERB is now the place for anyone to discover everything cannabis-related, from culture and news to product reviews. Check out the video below from Matt Gray, co-founder and CEO of HERB, as he explains our decision to rebrand.

“We’ve recently rebranded to HERB in the lead up to the company’s 10th birthday. We felt that becoming HERB will help change the public’s perception of cannabis and move the plant into the mainstream.” – Matt Gray

So why did we rebrand?

herb1 Were Celebrating Our 10th Birthday!
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The rebrand is a move to help shift cannabis into the mainstream. Acknowledging the importance of image and identity in the cannabis industry, HERB’s editorial is focused on educating, elevating, and celebrating cannabis.

“Cannabis is no longer the bad guy, and cannabis users shouldn’t be seen as such too. HERB gives us the edge that we need to secure our position as a leader in the cannabis industry. We all still have a soft spot for The Stoner’s Cookbook as it’s been around for a decade, but our vision is to live in a world where cannabis is freely accepted by everyone, to be used medically and recreationally.

To get there, we must change the perception of cannabis and we are starting that movement by removing the word ‘stoner’.” – Matt Gray

Here’s to the future

herb3 Were Celebrating Our 10th Birthday!
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Over the last decade, the company has produced multiple e-books and cookbooks, including a successfully crowdfunded high-end cannabis cookbook, Herb: Mastering The Art of Cooking With Cannabis.

“We are all excited for what HERB represents, and what it can do for our community and the world. We can’t wait to see what the next decade holds for us and the industry.” – Matt Gray

Our mission at HERB is to abolish the stigma around cannabis, advocate its benefits, and bring this amazing plant into the mainstream, by providing the world with quality and credible cannabis-related information.

Why We Rebranded to HERB Matt Gray, Co-Founder, talks about why we rebranded from The Stoner’s Cookbook to HERB.

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Apr 12, 2016