Which lady will win this challenge: Mary Jane or Molly?

Well, this is a new one: marijuana vs. molly. See which substance wins based on one guy’s performance over five different activity tests.

May 31, 2015

You’ve got to love when people make videos comparing cannabis to other substances. However, one you probably haven’t seen is between two lovely ladies, Mary Jane and Molly, or in other words, weed vs. MDMA.

There are a total of five activities to see who wins, including seeing how many times he is able to catch a beanbag with his feet, answering Cranium questions, and some other ones that we don’t want to give away.

For those who are wondering: yes, this guy actually smoked marijuana and MDMA at different times before doing these activities. Their original video was flagged because he showed himself taking the substances beforehand, but after removing that clip, this version remains accessible for our viewing pleasure.

Any guesses as to which wins? Check it out.

May 31, 2015