Who else wants dessert attached to their pizza when they’re baked? These pizza crusts are nuts.

Cheese-stuffed? Please, that’s child’s play — we’re talking second-dinner crusts. What we would give to try all of these nutty creations while stoned.

Jun 5, 2015

Pizza brings people closer. The love we collectively share for pizza can be heard around the world. There is nothing that could come between us and pizza.

So when we see this type of creativity applied to pizza, we can’t resist the intrigue. Cheese-stuffed crust? Child’s play.

We’re talking crust stuffed with additional main entrees. That’s right — double dinners, pizza and crust, the match made in heaven.

Now the only challenge is hunting down samples. We apologize in advance for any pain and longing this may cause.

Jun 5, 2015