The Miracle Of Cannabis Is Why I Work In Weed

A hand touched my arm and a woman said, “Excuse me, I need help. This man is epileptic and he says he is about to have a grand maul seizure.”

Jul 7, 2017

Adrenaline was running really high. I stood at a table shakily writing notes on a business card from a very important business meeting. A hand touched my arm and a woman said, “Excuse me, I need help. This man is epileptic and he says he is about to have a grand maul seizure.”

Cannabis and epilepsy

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As I looked up, I saw a young man in a near catatonic state attempting and failing to inject some medicine that would help. I got down to his level and asked him if he knew what I should do. He could barely respond. All he could tell me was that if he went full seizure I would have to inject the medicine into his mouth. He could talk no more.

Inside, I was panicked to the max, but I didn’t let it show. I looked at his badge and saw that he was with a well-known booth, so I told the others who were there with me that I would run and get his friends. Surely they know what to do and are prepared for this.

I ran through the packed and milling crowd, pushing past people not caring if they thought I was rude. I found his friends and told them what was going on. They responded, “He just needs a vape pen!”

My God, I knew this! In my panic, I had forgotten that cannabis is the best thing for epilepsy, and I had one in my pocket. As we ran back, I was hoping that in the time elapsed he had not gone into a full grand maul, which could be life threatening. When we arrived, he was not in a full seizure but I could see that he had gotten worse. His body was tensed and his eyes were starting to roll back in his head.

We got his attention, what little of it there was and gave him the medicated vape pen. He puffed slowly at first and inhaled. He kept puffing more vigorously as the seconds rolled by. Within seconds his eyes settled to their normal position, his shoulders relaxed and he started crying and talking.

We all breathed a sigh of relief and looked at each other in amazement. We had just been a part of the miracle of cannabis.

As soon as he relaxed fully I told him that we would talk later (we did for about an hour) and I would leave him to gather himself with his friends. I walked outside and bawled my eyes out with gratitude. We were able to prevent a life-threatening situation with a simple vaporizer pen. We had no need of needles, calling 911, getting an ambulance or any kind of scene. We did it quietly and quickly on a busy conference room floor and no one was the wiser. Except us. We are the wiser for it, and more grateful.

I know of very few things in the world with the power to change lives like cannabis and I am here to help spread that message. I ask you to join me and countless others as we change the perception of this wonderful plant and change the world for the better.

Thanks for reading, and I hope my story impacts you as much as it did me.

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Jesse Barney is the Founder and Creative Director of Honeycomb Creative, a marketing firm specializing in brand identity systems and websites for cannabis clients. He creates function-first designs that help businesses effectively communicate their stories and reach their goals.

Jul 7, 2017