Would You Win The B:Real Silent Dab Challenge?

Want a cool idea for you and your friends with oil rigs? Check out this video featuring some very resilient dabbers!

Mar 8, 2016

Getting bored of just taking dabs with your buddy? Why not make it competitive and see who can take the most dabs without coughing or making any unnecessary noise! Check out the video below to watch B:Real compete against his buddy.

The secret advantage

silent dab challenge resilience These People Cried When High And The Reasons Are Hilarious
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While most people will assume this challenge is equal and fair, veteran smokers will have an upper hand over their competition. People who do not smoke or dab as much will have much more sensitive lungs. This means that when the thick and concentrated extract vapour hits their alveoli, their brain will tell their coughing reflexes to go into overdrive because of the thick layer of vapour residing in their lungs.

Veterans won’t have as many problems with this, simply because their lungs already have experienced that type of extreme dab. I would say that the biggest advantage would go to someone who regularly consumes cannabis out of a bong that has no percolator or diffusion. And obviously, people who dab every day will be very used to it, and thus their coughing can be resisted quite easily.

The aftermath

silent dab challenge laying in grass These People Cried When High And The Reasons Are Hilarious
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Regardless if you were the winner or the loser, the amount of THC that would have been consumed during a challenge like this is quite substantial. Be prepared to melt into your couch and possibly even have a good 2-hour nap. I feel obligated to tell you to only attempt a challenge like this in a safe environment that won’t require you to get behind the wheel after. And make sure you have some snacks, here is a list of the best munchies we could think of!

Could you see yourself attempting something like this, or do you and your crew have your won competitions? Let us know on social media or in the comments below.

Mar 8, 2016