The rarest—and most incredible—strains of 2017

These legendary strains will amaze even if the most veteran smokers—if you can find them.

Dec 11, 2017
Roadkill Skunk Indica Strain

One of the greatest joys that dispensaries afford weed enthusiasts is the ability to try seemingly endless numbers of strains. (Not only is Alaskan Thunder Fuck real, but you can buy it, and even search its unique psychoactive properties online!) But for the truly committed smoker, there will come a day when you’ve seemingly reached the end of the road for new strains. And when that day comes, it’s time to take a journey—no, a pilgrimage—to find and smoke the world’s rarest strains.

When that day comes, these are the strains you’ll need to seek out—the rarest strains of 2017. 

1. Lamb’s Breath (also called Lamb’s Bread)

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This sativa dominant strain was originally developed in Jamaica, and according to some sources, was Bob Marley’s favorite strain. As you can imagine, this sort of attention nearly resulted in Lamb’s Breath being smoked off the face of the earth. While some dispensaries purport to sell this strain, the true Lamb’s Breath—the type allegedly smoked by Bob Marley himself—remains ever elusive. If you do find this strain, it’ll be recognizable by its uplifting, energetic and creative properties. It’s no wonder a musical genius like Marley liked it.

2. Puna Budder

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This hybrid strain was created by crossing different Hawaiian and Afghani strains. It’s said to result in a euphoric, chatty and giggly high. In other words, it’s an all-in-one strain that can lead to all the best aspects of being high with a single joint. Unfortunately, it’s notoriously difficult to find. While it was relatively easy to find in the 70s, today you will need to carefully scour the California coast for any chance of finding it. If you come across it, Puna Budder can be easily distinguished by its grape-like flavor and uniquely social high.

3. Moloka’i Frost

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This heavy sativa strain consistently gets outstanding reviews from those lucky enough to get their hands on it. While it was fairly abundant in the 70s and 80s, it got lost somewhere between the formation of A Flock of Seagulls and NSYNC. Moloka’i Frost is known to contain properties that would make it an excellent medical strain, if only it was more readily available. If you do find this strain, it’ll be easily identified by its sedative properties that will leave you feeling extremely relaxed, euphoric and stress-free. It’s also known for its potency, which can leave even a veteran marijuana smoker couch-locked after a single hit. 

4. Roadkill Skunk

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Granted, it doesn’t have the most attractive name, but this indica dominant strain crosses the ever popular Skunk and Afghani strains to produce a potent cerebral high in the beginning and relaxing body buzz near the end. Roadkill Skunk is a great strain for anybody struggling with insomnia or other sleeping challenges due to its highly sedative effects. It’s a must-smoke for any indica fans. But unfortunately, it’s also extremely rare. If you do come across it, you’ll be able to identify it by its unmistakable skunk aroma and dense, bright green buds.

Dec 11, 2017