You’ll Never Guess What Was In The Oscars “SWAG Bag”

The SWAG bag for the Oscars has a very special treat inside of it, and the Academy are not happy about it!

Mar 6, 2016

The Haze Dual V3 portable vaporizer, valued at almost $250 was the special addition to the swag bag offered to the stars, a bag of goodies for everyone nominated for an Oscar. Having it in the hands of celebrities makes it a more profitable product is the argument of the director of the company manufacturing the vaporizer.

Brand awareness

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For Haze Technologies, having one of their products appear in the gift bag for celebrities is one sure way to increase brand awareness. Ana Martin, the director of marketing at Haze Technologies says that they would never bring celebrities anything less than a top-quality product, and it is already at the hands and mouths of a lot of celebrities.

“The inclusion in the red carpet gave us an increase in recognition, which resulted in a jump in sales. The Haze Dual V3 is the best portable vaporizer, but many people have never heard of it. Once they learn more about it, it doesn’t take them long to purchase one,” said Martin. This marketing move is definitely a successful one and a creative one for increasing the sales of a product, but those who run the Oscars are not happy about it.

“Unauthorized use of the Oscar trademark”

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The Academy is certainly not happy about the addition that has been made to the celebrity goody bag, and is even filing a lawsuit against the company who makes them. They are apparently offended by Dustinctive Assets and their decision to include a device for using marijuana. The complaint says that the inclusion of this vaporizer in the swag bag is offensive to the name of the Academy and tarnishes their good name.

According to the Academy, the entire list of products in the bag just do not seem to fit the bill for a list of elite celebrities. But it is in particular the portable vaporizer that has pushed them over the edge into a lawsuit.

High class gifts

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The bag includes other expensive gifts, such as a $275 roll of Swiss-made toilet paper – because only the best for celebrities! It also contains a $250 sex toy and beauty treatments that are worth well over $5,000, including skin treatments and a $1900 “vampire breast lift”. Well, it seems there is enough in the bag for any celebrity to have a good time, or at least make their female companion look good enough for a good time.

The “SWAG bag” for the Oscars sure is one expensive treat for all of those lucky enough to be gifted one. At least those who are leaving the Oscars without a trophy are arriving home with a bag full of very expensive goodies.

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Mar 6, 2016