You’ve Got A Friend In Weed

Is marijuana one of your best friends? Taking some time out of your day to think about your relationship with Weed is probably a good idea.

Feb 29, 2016

Think about a time when you welcomed a new friend into your group. After a short time, you begin to feel as though this new friend has always been present in your gatherings. The group spends a Sunday watching football games, recalling funny stories about your time together in years past.

Then it hits you— this new friend was not around when the event you are talking about happened. Still, they fit right into the conversation—it feels like they were always there. Weed can be that old familiar friend for many of us.


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Some people are introduced to Weed by their friends, some by a doctor, and some seek out the friendship on their own. Those who decide to nurture the relationship will agree that marijuana has a unique place in their lives. Legislative changes in many states are giving Americans the opportunity to meet Weed for the first time. Each introduction story gives us insight into why Weed is one of those special friends.

Weed introduces itself at just the right time. Each day we are presented with a new story about the healing powers of Weed. In some cases, Weed is there to provide relief to cancer patients. In others Weed is the perfect listener, offering relaxation and support after a tough day. Remember, this friend has roots in history that go back thousands of years—he or she knows a thing or two.

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Weed does not always have to be the green lifesaver that I described.  It can also be the friend that encourages your extracurricular interests.  Some people feel that almost everything they do is “enhanced” when high. Some exercise, paint, cook, or just watch television after a full day of concentration. In each case, you invite your friend Weed out, introduce him or her to your favorite smoking medium and begin your adventure. This experience is ritualistic; it feels normal, comfortable—familiar.

The days of keeping your friendship with Weed a secret are gone. That doesn’t mean you should go get your friend’s name tattooed on your arm, but pay attention to your feelings for Weed. Just like our other friends, Weed presents itself in many ways. If you found that your experience smoking traditional flower was not ideal, try edibles or concentrates. If it has been a while since you last spent time with your friend Weed, take the next chance you get to welcome he/she back into your life. You’ll both agree it’s been too long.

Do you have a special friendship with Weed? Has your friend helped you in a time of need? Let us know on social media or in the comments section below.

Feb 29, 2016