One of the great edible pleasures in life is a moist piece of buttery cinnamon coffee cake with just the right amount of streusel and swirl; two easy baking steps to master.

CannApple Pie

Love Grandma’s apple pie? This infused apple pie has all the fixings plus a little something special!

The joy of mixing two random ingredients together and discovering a delicious treat. Now we know how the cookies and cream guy felt!

Tasty Tilapia

This tasty tilapia recipe is easy to make and turns out great every time!

This is a traditional holiday pumpkin pie with a magical twist! Easy and delicious, this recipe works great with fresh or canned pumpkin puree. It will leave you feeling euphoric and satisfied!

Nothing beats freshly baked brownies. Especially if they are chocolatey and weedy!

This heavenly hummus recipe is honestly better than anything you could have found at the store.

Are you a fan of chocolate, cannabis, and cake? Then you will love this divine triple Chocolate Cannabis-Infused Chocolate Cake.

Mary Jane’s favourite tea on a lovely afternoon.

Now this is one way to treat yourself, and your guests at any party. This chocolate pudding is a sure way to put a smile on your face!

Here’s a creamy, cheesy extraction that’s great for recipes or as a topping

Weed Infused Cucumber Sandwiches with Dill and Cream Cheese

Space Cake

The experience of enjoying these space cakes is something you will never forget.

Weed Omelette

Try a magical twist on a meal we all love! Delicious omelette cooked with Bud butter is sure to get you high.

Stay classy with this flavourful Canna-Caprese Salad!

This Cannabis infused carrot cake is a healthy and fun dessert!

Try this easy creamy cannabis-infused vegetable soup with onions and celery. This soup is rich in flavor and fun.


Cannaflour makes your baking a little more special and requires so little preparation, you’d be crazy not to keep a batch on hand.


It seemed perfectly natural to combine Cheez-Its and weed into one next-level snack. Now, we’ve created a snack-friendly marijuana version of Cheez-Its

A healthy vegan-friendly salad infused with a little something special 😉

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