You can eat these meatballs by themselves, add them to pasta, or put them in a sliced baguette and top them with provolone cheese for a meatball sub.

This comforting Thai-style soup is a great natural remedy if you’re battling a cold. The cannaoil is sure to boost your mood too!

This ranch dressing will take your dipping to new level…

Tasty zucchini cakes… great for an afternoon munch!

Here’s a herbal twist on the classic American blueberry pie!


Quick. Easy. Yummy. You will love munching back this scrumptious snack.

Who would’ve thought that Cannabis infused brownies could taste so good!

Cannabis-infused balsamic dip that’s flawless when accompanied with your favourite bread.

This classic chicken soup comes to life with the canna-dumplings. You don’t have to have chicken soup when you are sick anymore! This soup is perfect for any day of the week.

Canna Oil

Any affordable virgin olive oil works nicely for this recipe. If you plan on using your Canna Oil for salad dressings or pasta, we recommend you use a fruity extra-virgin olive oil.

Your perfect recipe for pot pesto. Nothing more to say.

Who needs store-bought ice cream when you can make delectable Cannabis infused blackberry Sherbet!


Cannaghee is the basis for many edibles and makes cannabis infusion fantastically quick and simple. This is a must-have for every marijuana chef!

A delicious smoothie that’s easy to make

Love rocky road? Well this recipe is one you have to try!

Poppy-Pot Cake

Poppy seeds and frosting never tasted so good!

In addition to being a great topper for a white pizza, béchamel sauce is also an essential ingredient in lasagna, vegetable gratin, and macaroni and cheese.

Delicious sauce for the perfect marijuana pizza!

Pizza so good that the Italians would be proud!

Utilizing Gardein plant-based chick’n breasts, as well as creamy chickpeas, this cannabis dish is packed to the brim with plant-based protein, fiber, and heart-healthy omega-3 fats!

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