Enjoy a holiday with these decorative, cannabis infused strawberries!

Also commonly referred to as Peanut Brittle, this sweet Indian snack is a delicious way to consume your cannabis and is an ideal finger food for parties and large groups!

This vegetarian lasagna requires making a couple of components, but it comes together quickly because those components don’t need to be cooked.

Looking for a munchie with sweet overload? Try this quick and easy, delectable Stoner’s Cookbook version of S’mores!

Classic guacamole recipe, made with ripe avocados, cilantro and lime. Jalapeno and cilantro give this ganja guacamole a kick.

This unconventional pizza is a scrumptious change from the usual pie, replacing normal pizza sauce with a creamy marinara polenta infused with our favorite herb!

This dip, with its crunchy topping and creamy interior, is a proven crowd-pleaser.

Long grain rice, garlic and onion combine to make a kickass cannabis-infused soup.

Oatmeal and raisin cookies are not everyone’s favorite but these ones will be! Take these to grandma and she will love you for relieving her joint pains.

Caramel Toast

Don’t have just plain old toast when you’re high. Try this ave this delightful caramel toast, designed with hungry stoners in mind!

A quesadilla can be so much more than just melted cheese in a tortilla. Our version pairs spicy chorizo with the creaminess and tang of goat cheese.

You’ll want to eat your salad with dressing on top with this Cannabis-infused Italian Dressing.

This classic southern comfort dish gets enlightened with cannabis-infused coconut oil and delicious plant- based friendly ingredients.

We used to avoid broccoli, but this soup changed all that; with a fabulous velvety texture, it hits the spot on a cold day.

The perfect dessert to enjoy during cherry season!

Behold.. Vegan pancakes that are fluffy, fall-flavored and filled with 420 goodness. You don’t need a latte to get into the pumpkin spice mood!

Whoopie Pie

These whoopie pies will have you whooping with joy!

Spice Pot-ribs

These pork ribs are tender and juicy right out of the oven, at room temperature, or even cold, which makes them perfect picnic food. And you don’t need a fork or knife, just plenty of napkins!

A tasty sauce to accompany some Pot Pasta!

Hemp CannaOil

Hemp Oil is another effective way of extracting THC.

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