This easy homemade pot chocolate recipe will satisfy your craving for chocolate while warming you up (and getting you high)! Top with whipped cream and chocolate

Cannabis infused cheese dip to join the party

This weed infusion is a staple for any pantry, allowing you to easily and quickly medicate with precise dosing by sweetening any meal with a touch of honey!

This tender and juice cannabis infused pulled pork sandwich will have you hogging the grill!

Refresh yourself with this Cannabis infused, fruity beverage pre or post workout!

A cannabis-infused twist on laddoo, a traditional Indian treat. Perfect for parties, these ball-shaped sweets will delight your tastebuds, body, and mind!

Cookies and cream has long been a favorite munchie. So when you are high next and have a case of the munchies, try this amazing Cookie & Cream Shake!

If you’re having friends over and want to make special brownies, space cakes, or similar, this quick and easy cannabutter recipe is what you need.

A great cannabis infused snack on a breezy summer evening.

This simple almost-traditional vanilla canna-custard will please just about anyone! Best served with anything. Best enjoyed with friends.

This is the perfect low-maintenance recipe for busy weeknights, quick lunches, or even for a fridge cleanout meal

The CannaMayo in these Lobster Rolls add great flavour and zest to your meal.

This is a popular method for cooking large batches of cannabutter. We recommend using finely ground buds for best results, but it’s fine to use whole leaves and stems.

Ever wanted to master deviled eggs? These Cannabis infused deviled eggs are simple to make and delicious!

Cannabis Infused Marijuana Weed Doughnuts

This is a beautiful bright medicated pesto that is packed full of essential nutrients and bold basil flavor.

You cant go wrong with a bacon, cheese and Cannabis loaded salad!

If you’re looking to spice up your salad, this Cannabis infused Italian dressing will do the trick!

This cake is so very good; you will love having it in your repertoire. When you eat a slice that is medicated, be sure to save another sliver for later..

The perfect way to eat your cannabis while curing your taco craving. If you’re short on time, replace the slaw with your favorite salsa or toasted pepitas to save a few minutes in the kitchen.

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